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Creative Painting of Walls – A tip to Paint Walls with Roller Brushes Instead of Wallpapers

Wallpapering is a skilled job. Wallpaper tends to crumble. It also tends to crack and swell if it encounters a blockage. Now there is a way to paint directly with the same effect as wallpaper. This article will introduce this tip and how to paint the “wallpaper”. Let’s have a look.

Without wallpaper, two roller brushes can be put together to create a pattern on the wall; creative and easy to take care of!

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Painting Tool Needed

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The first step is to prepare the tools, a sponge roller brush, an embossed roller brush and a bucket of coloured latex paint.

Modify The Tools

The second step is to modify the tools modify the handle so that the two rollers can be fixed on the top (sponge roller at the bottom, embossing roller at the top)

modify the tools

One of the things to note is that the top of the iron frame is slightly upward tilted at about a 20-degree angle; the purpose of this treatment is to after the wall when rolling the brush, so the bottom of the sponge dip paint will not accidentally touch the wall, causing unnecessary aesthetic problems.

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Fix Roller Brush

After installing the sponge roller, dip the latex paint until it is completely covered, and then we will install the embossing roller.

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Here is where it gets a little tricky and confusing, the sponge roller below may fall off; when combining, be sure to hold the top of the frame with your fingers first, wedge the patterned roller into it and adjust until the fit is tight, the sponge needs to touch the patterned roller.

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Although the process is almost carried out, the first time to operate friends, do not come up straight to the wall, the process takes some time to adapt, and it is best to roll on the paper or board a few times to find the feeling. When painting the wall, slowly paint from top to bottom, taking care not to have bends, the pattern should be in a straight line, and the sponge roller brush underneath should be at an angle to the wall.

paint the wall

There is some difficulty in making the whole thing because there is only one chance to print this pattern on the wall, and it either succeeds or ends in failure. It is challenging to make you brush a straight line, followed by repeatedly going up and down also tests your physical strength and patience. So you must be careful and patient during painting. And you can paint a perfect wall painting.

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If you want to save more effort, there is another way, which is to make a “paper cut” stencil out, use the brush to roll a circle on it, but the “paper cut” must not be ordinary “paper”, preferably the kind of water does not seep, can be repeatedly used, a certain degree of hardness of the transparent plastic stencil.

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Paintbrusha Sponge Roller Brushes

Classification And Characteristics of Spong Roller Brush
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One domestic water-based sponge brush head: domestic 50KG high-density polyether water-based sponge, water-based glue bonding made. It is characterized by a slightly harder sponge, suitable for glue and water-based coatings.

Two into the product water-based sponge brush head: imported 50KG high-density polyester oil-resistant sponge made of water-based glue bonding. A soft sponge and significant water absorption characterize it. It is suitable for water-based paint and can also be used to brush glue, paint without corrosive materials, etc.

Three oil sponge brush heads: imported 50KG high-density polyester oil-resistant sponge, made of oil glue bonding, white plastic inner tube. It is characterized by a soft sponge, significant water absorption, and corrosion resistance, suitable for most paints, and also can be used for water-based paint, glue, water-based paint, etc.
Shapes And Features of Spong Roller Brush

Shapes And Features of Spong Roller Brush
Shapes And Features of Spong Roller Brush

1 Two-headed flat sponge brush head: brush flat, can be painted to a 90-degree angle so that no dead angle painting
2 A head of round sponge brush head: brush flat, no traces of edge at the round end
3 Two-headed round sponge brush head: smoothly painted, no traces of edge at both ends

What Are the Sizes of the Spong Roller Brush

What Are The Sizes of The Spong Roller Brush

Size available 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches

6-inch Sponge Brush As An Example to Introduce Detailed Data

6-inch Sponge Brush

Product: 6-inch (water-based) sponge roller brush
Length: 6 inches (150MM)
Outer diameter: 35MM
Sponge thickness: 10MM
Inner tube outside diameter: 15MM
Inner tube aperture: 6MM
Sponge material: imported 50KG high-density polyester oil-resistant sponge
Features: a handle can be used with more than one brush head

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