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How to Buy and Paint Latex Paint? What is the Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint?

Many people in the decoration of the new house, looking at the network of home beauty, have used a variety of colours of paint, you also want to try.

When it comes to wall painting, we all think of latex paint, so is wall paint latex paint?

Of course not!

How to Buy And Paint Latex Paint  latex paint manufacturers

The range of wall paint is much more comprehensive, and latex paint is just one of them, and latex paint is more famous because it is more environmentally friendly and healthy. The first choice for the general public home paint is latex paint, so today, we will focus on this latex paint. Here are the points to note about buying and painting latex paint yourself!

The Focus of Choosing Latex Paint

❉ environmental protection

Want to paint; environmental performance is the most important; poor quality wallpaper and wall paint may produce pollution. The pollution of wallpaper mainly comes from ink and glue, while the pollution of wall paint comes from the paint itself.

how to choose latex paint

Big brands of latex paint will generally strictly control the VOC content of the product. A specific range of formaldehyde content is expected. So, as far as environmental protection is concerned, instead of struggling to choose wallpaper or latex paint, it is better to pick a reliable brand correctly.

❉ Viscosity

The viscosity of the paint determines whether the wall looks good after painting, which we can understand, just like girls’ brush foundation, too thin will fall, too thick, then the flexibility is not good, can not be painted, a piece of.

how to choose latex paint  viscosity

In the case of unopened, want to know if the viscosity of a bucket of paint is suitable, you can try to shake it; if there is no sound is okay. If shaking with sound, it is too thin. Try a new bucket.

❉ Concealment

The more I talk about it, the more I feel that choosing a bucket of quality latex paint is the same as choosing a good foundation; the concealing power is also one of the test points; when choosing paint, you can try to paint it to see if you can cover up the black and white walls. This time it is best to use the more contrasting black and white as the base colour is tried. The effect will be more obvious.

how to choose latex paint  concealment
❉ Colour

Buy a big brand of latex paint that will generally have a matching colour paste specifically for colour mixing, and then use the computer to choose colour paste combinations.

how to choose latex paint  colour

Buy Paint And Paint Points to Note

❉ Calculate the amount of paint to be painted

(1) Measure the wall and ceiling area to remove the window and door area, and calculate the amount of paint once.

(2) Generally, the wall should be painted at least two times, so the amount of paint needed = paint volume *2

how to buy paint

Paint volume (L/L) = (ceiling area + wall area) / paintable area per liter

Generally, one litre of paint can paint a 13-14m² wall once. 1 gallon = 4 litres; if you paint directly on the wallpaper, an additional 20~50% of paint is needed.

❉ Preparation paint tools
how to choose paint   paint tool manufacturers

Roller brush: for evenly brushing paint over a large area, with long bristles, short bristles and sponge. (generally 7-9 inches)

Choose a roller brush with different hair lengths for different walls.

If the wall is relatively rough, such as cement walls, choose a long-haired roller brush (18mm-26mm)

If the wall is smooth, choose a short-haired roller brush (5mm-11mm)

The sponge brush for finishing work is to make the wall smoother.

paint roller manufacturers

From left to right, sponge, short-haired, long-haired.

The brush is used to paint the corners and other small areas, such as skirting junctions, and a small area is generally used for brush painting. The size is generally 2-3 inches.

how to paint the corners

Tray: used to place the brush tool (slightly larger than the roller brush can be)

Masking tape: for spatter-proof paint and masking

how to paint the wall  masking tape
how to paint the walls
❉ Notes on painting

(1) Be sure to paint the primer! The top coat focuses on the performance effect, while the primer focuses on improving the adhesion of the top coat, anti-corrosion function, alkali resistance and other properties.

Brush the primer once, and brush the top coat twice. Under normal circumstances, each interval of at least 2-3 hours is to be thoroughly dry and then brushed the next time. It is better to brush in a “W” shape when brushing.

how to paint the wall  paint roller suppliers

(2) Do not construct in wet or cold weather (temperature below 5℃ or above 35℃, relative humidity more than 85%)

(3) Adding water: Rolling and brushing should be at most 25% of the volume of paint according to the actual situation, and spraying should be at most 30% of the volume of paint according to the actual situation.

how to paint the walls with latex paint

(4) The used tools should be cleaned with soap and water immediately.

FAQs About Latex Paint

how to paint the walls with latex paint FAQs

Even after all this, many people still need help understanding latex paint; this side of the reason sister sorted out some common questions and answers.

Can latex paint be diluted with water?

Yes. The proportion of water is marked on the barrel of latex paint. 10-20% is recommended for regular white and light-coloured products, do not over-dilute.

Can not brush the primer directly brush the top coat?

It is recommended to use primer, not the construction of primer prone to paint disease: flaking, chalking, uneven gloss, bubbles, poor scrub resistance, etc. In addition, using primer can also reduce the amount of top coat.

How many times do I need to brush the emulsion paint?

Generally, it is one base and two surfaces. First, brush one primer and then brush 2 top coats. But if the colour paint is to achieve the effect of painting, you may have to brush three times or even four times paint-free, depending on the construction effect.

Dark colours, bright colour notes. Dark colours (low light reflection value) and bright colours (high colour saturation)

When choosing dark, bright colours, it is recommended to paint the primer to ensure the uniformity of the substrate; the top coat is painted with a dilution ratio of no more than 5%, requiring more than four coats; the best way to spray construction if possible.

Latex paint painting method is suitable, spraying, brushing good, or roller coating good?

Roller coating and spraying are generally used more; the spraying effect is relatively good. Still, the disadvantage is that the amount of paint is not easy to repair, and the need to redo the whole wall.

Is the colour of the colour card the same as the final effect?

Different! Due to the nature of the colour card printing, ink and paint colour paste is different, coupled with the light, background, environment, painting area, vision and other effects, there will be little difference.

Will there be colour differences between different batches of paints?

Yes, there will be. Mixing different batches of paints is recommended to avoid noticeable colour differences.

Can I work in winter?

The construction of interior wall emulsion paint requires a substrate temperature more significant than 10 degrees; exterior wall emulsion paint requires a substrate temperature more significant than 5 degrees. So the temperature also has an impact on the construction.

How long does it take for latex paint to dry completely after painting?

Generally speaking, it takes seven days for the paint system to dry completely, and then it can play its proper protective function. So seven days to pay attention to protection.

What Is The Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint?

The best paint brushes for latex paint are sash brushes with synthetic bristles.

What Is The Best Paint Brushes for Latex Paint  paint brush manufacturers

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the best paint brush for latex paint  paint brush manufacturers

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what are the best paint brush and roller brush for latex paint

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