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How to Make the Hard Paint Brush be Soft?

What should you do if your paintbrush has hardened after use? Many people do not know how to solve this problem. You can make it soft by using some small tricks. This article will show you a few ways to reach it.

if your paint brush has hardened after use

How to Make The Hard Paint Brush Soft

1, If it is a brush with water-based paint, dip the used brush into water and swing it lightly, then rinse it with water and repeat several times until it feels clean.

2, If the brush is oil-based paint, toluene or paint thinner in the container, and then the brush light pressure swing, and then the brush dries or shakes dry, repeat two to three times.

3, clean the brush with water and laundry detergent lightly pressed and swung several times, then rinse with water and air dry. The next time you use it, it will be better than a new brush.

It should be noted that when cleaning oil-based paint brushes, please do it in a ventilated place, as far as possible outdoors. Avoid the inhalation of paint and thinner gases, which can harm your body, and try not to get on your skin.

How to Deal with Paint Brushes that Can Still be Used Next Time

How To Deal With Paint Brushes
  1. Clean the paint on the handle of the paintbrush as much as possible, and leave the brush filament attached.

2 find a basin, put on warm water, add some detergent, and put the paintbrush immersed in the basin for about 20 minutes.

3. Find a small comb and soak the paintbrush filaments that are not clean to comb down the paint residue.

4. prepare a tub of clean, warm water, soak for 10 minutes, then use a small comb and blow dry with a hair dryer, and then use a plastic bag to save the paintbrush for subsequent use.

How to Buy Paint Brushes

buy paint brushes

1, The bristle end has a fork that can be dipped in a large amount of paint absorption, releasing the paint more evenly (so that the paint film is smooth and uniform).

2, The thick tip of the cone-shaped bristles can make the paintbrush release paint slower and more evenly. Its overall taper makes it particularly convenient when applying straight and tangential places.

3, Flexible bristles to make the brush can maintain its overall shape.

4, Brushes with bristles that are long in the middle and short on both sides are easier to use when painting edges and corner locations.

5, The length of the bristles should be 50% longer than the width of the brush. Longer bristles are better for dipping and releasing paint and easier for painting corners or trim locations.

6, With plugs and epoxy adhesive to firmly fix the bristles in the handle, the painting will not be pulled out so that the bristles will not stick to the paint film.

7, A good, balanced hardwood handle will make the brush work better. A wooden handle is more comfortable than a plastic handle; a hardwood handle is more substantial and more moisture-resistant than a softwood handle.

How to Clean the Paint Brush

First, wipe off the remaining paint on the brush with a paper towel, then place the brush in a mixture of solvent and water specifically designed for cleaning paintbrushes and let the brush soak in the solution for a few minutes. Then, take the brush out and put it under the tap to rinse until the paint is all washed off. Finally, wring out the water on the brush and put it in a storage container after it is dry.

7 Tips to Clean Paint Brushes and Rollers

How to Maintain the Paint Brush

maintain the paint brush

(1) Usually, pay more attention to the neatness and cleanliness of the brush. Please do not wait until the paint on the brush is dry before cleaning. Otherwise, it is easy to clean.

(2) After cleaning the brush, pay attention to drying. The brush is wet after washing, so you should not put it directly into the storage container. It would help if you dried it first and then put it in a clean container.

(3) To use the paintbrush again is to re-wet the brush and follow the same steps as the initial use of the brush.

The above is all about how to make the stiff paint brush soft & how to deal with paint brushes that can still be used next time, and we hope it will help you. For more related content, please continue to pay attention to PAINTBRUSHA.

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