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How to Paint the Walls Perfectly?

Painting is an essential part of the renovation process because the quality of wall paint directly affects the quality of the entire home renovation, so how can you paint the walls perfectly? What tools are used when painting walls? What are the primary uses of these paint tools? This article will give a detailed introduction and tell us what we need to pay attention to when painting.

how to paint the walls perfectly  different paint tools

How to Paint the Wall?

Sandpaper to sand the wall
how to paint the walls perfectly  sandpaper to sand the wall

The sandpaper used to sand the wall during the renovation will generally choose dry-grit sandpaper. Dry sandpaper with synthetic resin as a binder silicon carbide abrasive bonded on top of latex and coated with an anti-static coating made of high-grade products, with the advantages of anti-clogging, anti-static, good softness, high abrasion resistance. Various finenesses are available, suitable for grinding metal surfaces, putty and coatings. This product is suitable for dry grinding because of its high grinding efficiency and low stickiness to chips.

Why do walls need to be sanded?

This is because there are some minor defects in putting scraping, such as stubble at the junction of the putty, traces of thin or thick scraping, pinholes caused by water absorption on the wall, etc. The overall polished putty surface structure is more uniform and consistent, which can enhance the performance of the emulsion paint and avoid some problems that the difference in surface structure may cause.

Brush the wall with a roller brush
how to paint the walls perfectly  brush the wall with a roller brush

The roller brush, also known as a roller, is a roller brush that needs to be used with a paint tray. Because of the wide range of rolling surfaces, it is the most labour-saving and time-saving brush tool, especially when connected to an extension pole and can easily paint high walls or ceilings. Still, the disadvantage is that it is easy to produce paint splashes.

The roller brush is divided into long, medium and short hairs, which is the length of the roller fabric, not the thickness and length of the roller itself. The long-haired roller will paint some fine texture, with a sense of bump, similar to the texture effect. The short-haired roller is more even and smooth, with no bumpiness, and the medium-haired one is in between.

The brush hair is usually divided into wool and chemical fibre type two. Roller brush is mainly made of wool, and foam can be divided into paint roller brush, brushed roller brush, floor paint roller brush, flat roller brush, etc., mainly used for building decoration projects of a large area paint roller. And can be used to roll various blending paint, such as latex paint, rust-proof paint, interior and exterior wall coatings, wallpaper laminating glue, etc.

Use a bristles paint brush to brush the wall
how to paint the walls perfectly  use a bristle paint brush

Paintbrush is generally divided into pig bristles paint brush and wool brush. Pig bristle paint brush, also called pig bristle brush, refers to the brush made of bristles grown on the neck and back of the pig, usually more than 5cm; pig bristles are stiff, flexible, not easy to deform, moisture resistant, high temperature resistant, not affected by heat and cold, especially for the relatively high concentration of paint and glue.

The wool brush is fine soft, and smooth, levelling, paint content, levelling, can even spit out the paint so that the surface of the paint is smooth and consistent in thickness, not easy to leave brush lines and bristles on the painted surface, smooth construction hand, durable and other characteristics. The disadvantage is that it is easy to lose hair. So use your hand to move on the paintbrush head before using it to clean the losing bristles.

What Should be Noted when Painting Walls?

Paint is an indispensable material for engineering and home decoration; if exceptional painters were hired to carry out on-site construction, as a homeowner, to understand the progress of the whole project and a degree of construction norms, whether the painters are professional, we need to know a few primary considerations that should be known in the process of painting!

NO.1 The surface treatment before painting is essential
what should be noted when painting walls

The most important reason for the failure of paint application is the need for proper surface treatment before painting. Depending on the painted surface, surface preparation can include cleaning, repair, patching, sanding, masking and priming.

NO.2 Primer is required before painting
Primer is required before painting

For the best painting results, some surfaces are primed before painting. This depends on the construction site and the specific circumstances of the brush coating.

NO.3 The amount of paint to be applied
 The amount of paint to be applied

In choosing the right product and colour, you also need to estimate the amount of paint needed. This involves calculating the area to be painted and dividing it by the approximate application rate of the paint you are using. In most cases, it is best to have slightly more paint on hand so that you don’t have to go out again to restock halfway through the job.

NO.4 Always remember to protect the finished product
do protection before painting

Move small pieces of furniture, curtains and photos out of the way and cover large items and floors with coverings; when painting, especially with alkyd and oil-based paints, open doors and windows to allow air circulation.

NO.5 Dilute the paint according to the ratio
 Dilute the paint according to the ratio

If you like darker living spaces, you will naturally choose darker paint. It is essential to note that when using dark paint, you should try not to add any thinner to the paint to ensure, to a large extent, that the paint we use does not appear to have a colour difference if there is a slight inattention to the colour difference, the whole room will be hideous. If you need to dilute, you must also follow the proportion of product instructions to dilute.

NO.6 Pay attention to the change in air humidity
Pay attention to the change in air humidity before painting the wall

The paint-painting process is to pay attention to changes in air humidity; if the humidity is too large, the paint will dry very slowly, which will not only affect the progress of the project but also affect the quality of paint painting in the decoration; and too dry, then the paint will dry too quickly, and the situation of cracks, that will not be worth the loss.

NO.7 The paintbrush quality should be good
good quality paint brush for painting

Some paint brushes are of inferior quality and love to lose hair; with such brush decoration paint, often the brush hair hanging on the paint surface, after the paint into a film, stays on the paint, the effect of the paint is very influential. Therefore, when painting should be as good as possible with good quality paint brushes. If it is a new brush, you should also pay attention to the brush above the easy to fall off the hair knock or use a lighter to start a floating hair.

NO.8 Don’t paint too thickly at one time
Don't paint too thickly at one time painting walls

Paint can not be brushed too thick at a time, or it will cause the paint to flow and look like the table is uneven if this situation available sandpaper sanding.

NO.9 wait for the paint to dry completely
paint walls wait for the paint to dry completely

Brush the second coat of paint must wait for the first coat of paint completely dry, or easy to appear the phenomenon of the wrinkled paint film.

NO.10 The nail holes on the surface of the wall should be repaired
The nail holes on the surface of the wall should be repaired paint walls

Whether ordinary nails or air nails will inevitably leave nail holes in the surface, an essential job of painters is to repair the nail holes. Otherwise, it will affect the visual effect of the walls.

The above is to give you a summary of how to paint and paint when the attention; I hope it will help you.

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