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Paint brush production process introduction

The production process of paint brushes mainly includes the following steps:

1. Select materials

Bristles: High quality animal hair is preferred, such as bristles, ponytails, etc. These hairs are delicate and soft, with good water absorption and coating properties, suitable for different coating needs.

Brush handle: generally choose wood or plastic. The wood brush handle is solid and comfortable to feel, while the plastic brush handle is lightweight and durable.

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2, processing

①. Brush treatment:

Cleaning: Remove impurities and grease.

Cooking, drying: increase the elasticity and softness of hair.

②. Brush handle making:

Wood brush handle: after cutting, grinding, polishing, so that the shape is regular, smooth surface.

Plastic brush handle: made by injection molding process.

3. Assembly

①. Fixing bristles: Apply glue to the connecting part of the brush handle and insert the bristles into the connecting hole to ensure tight connection.

②. Fixed bristle seat: Use metal clip or plastic clip to increase the firmness of bristles and handle to prevent bristles from falling off.

4. Quality inspection

Check whether the bristles are neat and have no hair loss.

Check whether the brush handle is firm, no cracks and other quality problems.

5. Packaging

Plastic bags or cartons are generally used to protect the bristles from damage.

The packaging is marked with specifications, brands and other information to facilitate user selection and identification.

The quality of the entire production process is strictly controlled to ensure that the paint brush has good performance and durability. In this way, the paint brush produced can meet the needs of users and improve construction efficiency.

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