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The classification of paint brushes

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The classification of paint brushes can be carried out from multiple dimensions, including bristle material, shape, handle material, etc. The following is a detailed classification of paint brushes:

1. Classification by brush bristles

①. Natural bristles:

– Wool brush: Wool brush is soft, smooth, good leveling, can evenly spit out paint, smooth paint, uniform thickness, not easy to leave brush lines. But the wool brush is easy to shed.

– Bristle brush: High quality pig hair brush contains large amount of paint, good elasticity, can evenly spit out paint, make the paint thickness is consistent, not easy to leave bristles on the brushing surface, and durable, especially suitable for paint and glue with relatively high concentration.

②. Chemical fiber bristles: This kind of bristles include nylon, polyester, etc., which is not easy to absorb moisture, and is more suitable for paint, varnish and other coatings.

③. Mixed bristles: Made of chemical fiber bristles and natural bristles, combining the advantages of both, both with the paint absorption capacity of natural bristles, but also to maintain the durability of chemical fiber bristles.

2. Classification by shape

– Flat brush: The brush head is flat and straight, which is best for flat paint surfaces.

– Inclined brush: The brush head is inclined, easy to paint corners and other parts.

– Cylinder brush: The brush head is cylindrical, suitable for brushing pipes and cylindrical objects.

3. by the handle material classification

– Wood handle brush: suitable for small areas, do not need to apply too much paint work.

– Plastic handle brush: stronger than wooden handle, suitable for large area painting work, while the handle is light.

In addition, paint brushes can be classified according to other characteristics, such as the length of the bristles, the density of the brush, and the size of the paint brush. When selecting a paint brush, factors such as the type of paint, the painting area and the operating environment should be considered to ensure the best painting effect.

Please note that different types of paint brushes may be suitable for different paint and painting needs, so the appropriate paint brush should be carefully selected before use. At the same time, the correct use method and maintenance measures can also extend the service life of the paint brush and improve the quality of painting.

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