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The grading of the brush

The classification of painting brush is mainly based on its material, process, use and market positioning. Although different brands or types of brushes may have their own grading standards, in general, they can be summarized from the following aspects:

First, the traditional painting brush

1. Writing brush

High-grade brush: usually made of high-quality animal hair, such as Wolf hair, sheep hair selected parts, the pen may use high-grade materials such as horn, jade and so on. This kind of brush has exquisite craftsmanship and high price, which is suitable for professional painters or people who have higher requirements for painting.

Medium brush: The brush is made of ordinary animal hair, and the pen is generally made of bamboo or other wooden materials. This kind of brush is cost-effective and suitable for painting enthusiasts or students.

Low-grade brush: May be made of artificial fibers or other alternative materials, the price is lower, suitable for beginners or children.

2. Other types of brush: such as pointed brush, flat head brush, fan brush, etc., may also be graded according to material, process and use factors. Generally speaking, brushes made of natural hair and fine processes belong to high-grade products, while brushes made of artificial fibers and simple processes belong to low-grade products.

Second, digital painting brush

Digital brushes are virtual tools that do not involve actual materials and processes, so their grades may be mainly based on factors such as their function, effect, and brand. Some advanced digital brushes may have more features and effects that can simulate a more realistic painting experience, while low-level digital brushes may have relatively simple functions.

Third, makeup brush

1. High-grade makeup brush: usually made of natural animal hair, such as squirrel hair, horse hair, etc., the hair is soft and delicate, with strong powder grabbing ability and high price. Suitable for professional makeup artists or people who have high requirements for makeup.

2. Mid-range makeup brush: may be made of artificial fiber or other mixed materials, moderate price, suitable for makeup enthusiasts or daily use.

3. Low-grade makeup brush: mainly made of artificial fiber or other alternative materials, the price is lower, suitable for beginners or temporary use.

To sum up, the grading of brushes is a relatively complex issue involving several factors. When buying a brush, it is recommended to choose the right brush level according to your actual needs, budget and experience.

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