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Types and usage of watercolour brushes

Types and usage of watercolour brushes

Types and usage of watercolour brushes

The watercolour brush is a brush specially used for watercolour painting. Various types of brushes are usually used in watercolour painting. The materials of watercolour brushes include nylon material and animal hair material. The specific types of watercolour brushes are:

Brush arrangement

Like a brush with large strokes, it is usually used to wet the entire paper when brushing the background, laying the background colour, and mounting paper.

Chicken distance pen

It is a traditional watercolour brush with a full belly but with a very thin tip, long hair in the middle, and short hair in the outer layer. It is generally used for colouring and drawing details.

Flat-headed pen

The pen head is neat, and the strokes are regular, making it easy to draw blocks. Vertical strokes can also draw very thin lines. Generally used to draw shapes with regular and clear contours.

Round head pen

The pen head is soft and rounded, without obvious diamond corners, and the strokes are relatively smooth when drawn. The round head pen is easy to control and widely used and can be used in almost all painting methods.

Mop pen

It is mainly used for colouring large areas and is characterized by a large amount of hair and water storage. The pen tip is sharper than a round-headed pen and can also draw details.

Pointed pen

With long, slender brush hair and a sharp and thin brush touch, it is often used to outline fine lines and depicts details.

Fan-shaped brush

A fan-shaped brush combines the advantages of a flat-head brush and a round-head brush. The brush head is shaped like a fan, and the brush strokes are suitable for painting some bushes and grass, easily expressing a fluffy texture.

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