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What are the Paint Tools Used by Professional Painters?

When painting, the choice of tools is still relatively essential, so it is vital to know which tools are more appropriate in advance. Here we will talk about what are the tools used by professional painters.

Brush Tools

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There are large and small paint brushes, row brushes, paint roller brushes, etc., and a variety of paint in the painting use different objects should use different styles and sizes of brush tools.


Including a bullhorn scraper, steel scraper, etc., which can be used to scrape dust and ash, scrape putty, etc.

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Iron Work Tools

Rust removal pointed hammer, plate brush, etc., can be used in the metal parts of the rust removal.

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Cleaning Tools

cleaning tools

Including buckets, rags, brown brushes, brushes and so on.

Other tools

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Mainly include scribing ruler, putty board, copper wire sieve, etc.

What Kinds of Paint Processes are there?

1. There, belonging to the bottom side, this process can be the simplest brush-up, and this cost is also the lowest. If the wall or the board the defect, you can use this method to fill in and then use a darker colour spray to achieve the effect of colour unity. However, this method will also cause bubbles in the paint film.

paint process

2. There is another two-bottom side, this construction is not very complicated, but also to solve some of the problems of depression, but this level is not particularly good, if sprayed on top of the wood, may not be better to let the wood’s own texture reflected.

paint processes

3. There is another kind is belong to the three bottom sides. This makes the permeability very good, and you can directly lay it on the board, bringing a better natural texture compared to the higher cost.

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What are the tools for professional painters? Related content is introduced to this. Using the tools or more tools to bring the effect is also different, so the use of the former must clearly understand what to do.

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