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What is The difference Between Interior and Exterior Paints?

Paint is a continuous film of material that covers the surface of an object and can be firmly attached to it. When choosing a paint, it is difficult for the average consumer to identify its merits and demerits, and the environmental label becomes the most potent “pass” in the paint market. So when choosing a paint, try to choose the big brand manufacturers.

how to choose paint

There are many types of wall paints on the market, each with a different performance, such as interior and exterior paints. So, what is the difference between interior and exterior wall paint? How to buy wall paint?

What Are Types of Interior Wall Paint?

Interior wall paint is mainly divided into water-soluble paint and latex paint, and latex paint is generally used for decoration. According to the different base materials, latex paint is emulsion paint divided into two categories of polyester acid vinyl emulsion and acrylic emulsion. Latex paint, with water as a diluent, is a convenient construction, safe, washable, and breathable paint, according to different colour schemes, and can be deployed in different shades.

Currently, the market contains a lot of formaldehyde, the so-called “latex paint” is water-soluble, not latex paint. Some unscrupulous manufacturers are using poor-quality water-soluble paint and counterfeit latex paint. Therefore, choosing genuine goods and keeping ventilation is an effective way to prevent pollution.

how to buy wall paint
how to buy wall paint  painting wall

The Basic Performance of Exterior Wall Paint

The actual performance of exterior wall paint is similar to interior wall latex paint, but the paint film is more complex and resistant to water. Exterior latex paint is generally used on exterior walls but can also be used in high-humidity areas such as restrooms. Of course, exterior latex paint can be used internally, but do not use interior latex paint externally.

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Warm Tips

The elasticity of both interior and exterior wall paint is essential. Having elasticity prevents cracking caused by temperature and climate change. Exterior wall paint can be used for interior wall painting because it also has water resistance. In contrast, interior wall paint does not have sunlight resistance, so it cannot be used to paint exterior walls, so experts recommend that it is better to specialize.

What Is the Difference between Interior and Exterior Paints?

What is the difference between interior and exterior paints interior paint
What is the difference between interior and exterior paints exterior paints
  1. In terms of function, exterior wall paint has a protective and decorative role. When it comes to decoration, paint colour must be rich, which requires exterior wall paint to have good colourability. Colourability is excellent and natural and can be adjusted to look good exterior wall colour. Then is the role of protection, the exterior wall does not have any shelter, and no one will experience the wind and rain. If the paint is not well chosen, it is easy to chalk, crack and other phenomena.
  2. Interior wall paint and exterior wall paint both need to have absolute protection and decorative role, not only but also to facilitate the construction and good environmental performance because we live in an interior wall decoration environment. Our health is closely linked, so the choice of interior wall paint must be careful, and to have a strong covering power, colour should also be more prosperous.
  3. Interior and exterior wall paint UV resistance requirements are different. The interior wall paint and exterior wall paint are the most significant difference in the use of the environment. Exterior wall paint is generally used for the surface of the building, which has a substantial anti-UV effect and can withstand long periods of sunlight. The interior wall paint is generally used on the wall in the living room, and the UV resistance could be better.
  4. The interior wall paint, exterior wall paint scrub resistance, and water resistance are different because the exterior wall paint needs to be used on the surface of outdoor buildings and needs to be able to withstand the sun and rain, so its water resistance is excellent. On the other hand, interior wall paint has higher requirements for aesthetics, so it is better in scrub resistance.
    For example, exterior wall paint is perfect in sunlight resistance, while interior wall paint is not, and if mixed, it will reduce its performance.

Can Exterior Paints Be Used to Paint Interior Walls?

can exterior paints be used to paint interior walls

Both interior and exterior paints have the exact requirements for environmental protection. Many users have raised the question of whether exterior paint can be used for painting interior walls, mainly because they are concerned about environmental issues and worry that the environmental indicators of exterior paint are low and will cause indoor air pollution. There is no pollution as long as the emulsion paint, whether interior wall paint or exterior wall paint. We can rest assured that the use. And YES, exterior paints can be used to paint interior walls.

Five Myths about The Purchase of Interior And Exterior Wall Paint

purchase interior paints and exterior paints
Myth 1: The better the quality of wall paint packaging, the better

Some manufacturers, to attract customers, make a big deal about the product’s packaging, deliberately exaggerating the effectiveness of product performance. And the packaging is lovely, giving consumers a bright feeling. But, is the packaging good quality and excellent? It is recommended that when choosing wall paint, in addition to looking at the product packaging, also check the product details such as test sheets.

Myth 2: The more expensive the wall paint, the better

Some people think the more expensive the wall paint is, the better, so when you pick the most expensive to buy, the fact is not so. There is also an extreme consumer to save money. The lower the price when buying, the better, so do save a lot of money, but the quality and visual effect of the wall after decoration could be better. Therefore, when you choose wall paint, in addition, to paying attention to the price, also pay attention to the quality of wall paint, and choose a reputable big brand.

Myth 3: Wall paint to buy more and more

Many consumers need to estimate the amount of paint before buying wall paint, always afraid to buy less paint, so when buying and selling with the idea that more is better. It is recommended that before construction, the owner must look at the area of the construction area and estimate the number of materials to be purchased. The method to estimate the amount of paint is: the amount needed to paint a line (L) = (wall area x 2.5) / each litre of paint can be painted area.

Myth 4: Buy wall paint as long as you look at the colour card on the line

Some people think that the colour of the paint on the colour card and the colour of the wall are the same. This needs to be clarified. After the paint is put on the wall, the colour of the wall looks darker than on the colour card because of the light and other reasons. Consumers are advised to pick a colour slightly lighter than the colour card’s colour.

Myth 5: Wall paint without a unique smell is safe and environmentally friendly

Many homeowners pay close attention to safety and health when decorating, so when buying wall paint, they always pick the ones without odour. They feel that wall paint without special odour must be safe and healthy. Odourless can be achieved by adding fragrance or using low-odour materials, so odourless paints are not always environmentally friendly.
The way to judge whether a wall paint is environmentally friendly is to see whether its environmental indicators meet the standards. Three vital environmental indicators of wall paint are VOC, free formaldehyde, and heavy metals.

How to Buy Wall Paint?

how to buy wall paint paint manufacturers
  1. When buying wall paint, you need to pay attention to its particles’ fineness to better distinguish between good and lousy wall paint. You can take some paint, put it into a cup of water and mix it with water. If the mixture is apparent and the particles show some uniformity in size, it proves that the wall paint can directly meet the basic requirements of home decoration.
  2. When buying wall paint, consider its water-quality solution. Generally speaking, paint placed after some time will be downward stratification, which is generally located in the upper space, called the water solution. High-quality water-based paint solution should be relatively pure, with little floating matter, and light colour, mainly colourless or light yellow.


The above is how to distinguish between interior and exterior paint, what is the difference between interior and exterior paint and the four major misconceptions about the purchase of interior and exterior paint. Understanding some of the paint can make us choose correctly. We hope it will help you. To learn more about the content, please continue to pay attention to PAINTBRUSHA.

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