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What is the paint brush made of?

paint brush

The material of the brush varies according to its type and use. The following is a detailed summary of different types of brush materials:

First, the traditional painting brush

1. Writing brush

It is mainly made of animal hair, such as Wolf, goat or rabbit hair, which has different characteristics and uses.

+ Wolf hair is soft and delicate, suitable for fine painting and characterization, and can easily control the oil content in oil paints, making the strokes more smooth and natural.

+ Sheep hair is rougher and hard, suitable for applying a large area of heavy pigments, can maintain a stable oil absorption state, so that the picture shows a uniform and full color effect.

+ Rabbit hair is somewhere in between, suitable for a variety of painting styles.

The brush holder is usually made of bamboo or other wood materials, but there are also brushes made of high-grade materials such as horn and jade, and the choice of these materials has a certain impact on the quality and price of the brush.

2. Other types of brush (such as pointed brush, flat head brush, fan brush, etc.)

It is mainly made of natural hair, artificial fiber or nylon.

Different materials have different oil absorption, elasticity and durability, so they are suitable for different painting styles and techniques.

Second, digital painting brush

Digital brushes are virtual tools and therefore do not involve actual materials. However, it simulates the characteristics and effects of real brushes, such as the softness and elasticity of the brush and the thickness of the oil brush.

Third, makeup brush

1. Natural brush

It is mainly made of animal hair, such as squirrel hair, horse hair, wool, etc. These hairs have a soft, delicate texture that makes them easy to grasp and apply to cosmetics.

2. Artificial fiber brush

Mainly made of nylon, polyester fiber and other man-made materials. These man-made fibers are durable, easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.

To sum up, there are a variety of painting brush materials, and different materials have different characteristics and uses. When choosing a painting brush, it should be considered according to your own painting style, skills and needs.

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