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What to do if the Paint is not Well Painted? Can Still be Remedied?

Paint is often used in home decoration to protect and decorate the walls. But if the paint is not well painted, there will be many problems later, affecting the overall effect of the home. How do these problems arise? And how to solve it?

Paint Flaking

How to solve painting flaking

Cause: The grass-roots level is not treated well. When painting, the wall is wet, too smooth or not clean, not dry, sanding directly on the paint.

Solution: when painting, clean the wall moisture, dirt, sanding and then putty. If you use primer, be sure to wait for the primer to dry and sand before applying the top coat to increase adhesion; no attention in the early stage, the phenomenon of blistering and peeling, small area, you can sand this part with fine sandpaper, putty, and then paint on the line, if it is a large area, you have to scrape the whole area and Re-regulate the paint.

Paint Dent

how to solve paint dent

Cause: When painting, brush the next layer of paint without waiting for the previous layer to dry; paint is not evenly applied; wet paint film does not control the resting time.

Solution: Standardize the operation when painting. Don’t rush. Make sure it is dry, and paint should be applied evenly; if the problem of denting occurs, sand the dented part well and repaint it.

Whitening of Painted Film

how to solve Whitening Of Painted Film

Cause: The coating film has residual moisture, which leads to white coating film after a long time; solvent-based paint will evaporate and absorb heat when drying, the surrounding temperature decreases, and water vapour liquefies in the cold and adsorbs on the paint surface, forming a thin white layer.

Solution: Avoid mixing water throughout the painting process, add the right amount of anti-white water, choose the suitable paint variety and different seasons, and choose paint formulations differently. The phenomenon of whitening when painting should immediately stop working, find out the cause, remedy if it is difficult to repair, scrape off and redo.

Rough Paint Surface

Rough Paint Surface

Causes: There are dust and grit mixed into the paint; dust and grit may come from the air, oil brushes or some other tools; when blending paint, there are bubbles in the paint before dissipating and use.

Solution: Keep the air in the construction room clean and dust-free; clean the ground and wall before starting work, especially the wall, to be flat and clean; a dry tool such as an oil brush for painting should also be cleaned and used again; paint blending should be even and no bubbles should be left.

Paint Surface with Brush Marks

how to solve Paint Surface With Brush Marks

Cause: The viscosity of the paint is too high, the thinner evaporates faster, the hair of the oil brush is too complicated or uneven, and the oil brush is too small.

Solution: for the problem of blending, paint viscosity control, choose the right thinner; the oil brush is well kept, use a good, suitable oil brush. When brush marks appear, use fine sandpaper to sand flat, clean up and paint again.

Mildew and Discolouration of The Paint Surface

How to Solve Mildew And Discolouration Of The Paint Surface

Causes: paint surface dirt, long time moisture.

Solution: Use paint with strong anti-mildew ability, clean the wall often and keep it dry; when mould is found, clean it with special mould removal water. If it has been discoloured, you can repaint it.

Happy Painting

Hope this blog can help you. Happy Painting!

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