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Which brush is most commonly used?

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Among traditional painting brushes, the types of brushes most commonly used vary depending on painting styles and personal preferences. However, from the point of view of universality and versatility, brushes and flat head brushes are probably the most commonly used.

The brush is a central tool in traditional Chinese painting, and its tip is made of animal hair, such as Wolf, goat or rabbit, which can produce rich brush effects. Whether it is freehand brushwork, ink painting or fine brushwork, the brush can play its unique role, so it is deeply loved by artists.

Flat head brushes are suitable for filling large areas of color due to their flat tip shape. In the painting process, it is often necessary to apply and dye pigments, and the flat head brush can evenly cover the picture, making the color more full and rich.

Of course, in addition to brush and flat head brush, other types of painting brush such as pointed brush, fan brush, smudging brush and raw edge brush also have their own unique uses and fans. But overall, brushes and flat-head brushes are more widely used in traditional painting because of their wide applicability and versatility.

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