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How paint brush is made?

People can use paintbrushes for painting, coating, and barbecue materials. Paint brushes bring much convenience to our lives. But how is such a paintbrush produced? In this blog, we will talk about how to make paintbrushes.

What is the material of paint brush bristles

What is the material of paint brush bristles?

The bristles of paint brushes are divided into two categories: natural bristles and chemical fibre.

how to make paint brushes

Natural bristles are animal bristles represented by pig bristles and wool. Pig bristles are the most common natural bristles, with good adsorption properties, suitable for oil-based paint.

There are various materials of chemical fibre filaments, such as PP, PET, PBT, nylon, Etc. The raw materials are processed and made into chemical fibre filaments as bristles, such as hollow filaments, sharpened filaments, four-leaf filaments, tiny fine hollow sharpened filaments, plum three-hole filaments, and high imitation bristles.

Brush paint is best to use a brush made of pig hair, generally coated with alkyd varnish and phenolic varnish, such as ordinary paint when using it, so that the paint effect or brushes out, but also not easy to lose hair if the brush polyester paint or nitro paint, it is best to use wool brushes.

What are paint brush sizes?

Paint Brush Regular Size 1/2″ (12.7mm), 3/4″ (19.05mm),1″ (25.4mm), 1.5″ (38.1mm), 2″ (50.8mm), 2.5″ (63.5mm), 3″ (76.2mm), 3.5 “(88.9mm); 4″(101.6mm), 5″ (125mm), 6″(150mm).

Where it can also be marked separately as metric or imperial, depending on the measurement system of different countries

Abbreviations: 1″ (25mm), 1.5″ (38mm), 2″ (50mm), 2.5″ (63mm), 3″ (75mm), 3.5″ ( 88mm); 4″(100mm)

The process of a 6-inch paintbrush is less used, generally used more than 3 inches, and the 4-inch paintbrush and 1-inch paintbrush mainly deal with general corner paint painting.

What are paint brush sizes

The size of the brush head can generally be divided into three categories.

– Small paint brushes: suitable for handling small paint areas, such as filling wall controls, door and window frames, floor cracks, or some of the more difficult-to-access places.

– Medium Paint Brushes: Suitable for dealing with walls, floors, ceilings, and other areas of available rooms.

– Large Paint Brushes (Large Paint Brushes): suitable for dealing with larger areas such as indoor and outdoor walls, floors, door and window frames, ceilings, Etc.

What is the Paintbrush manufacturing process?

Ruifeng Brush uses the different lengths of bristles from pigs or various colours of filament fibres to produce paint brushes. Now we are talking about how to produce a 30MM bristle paintbrush as an example.

First, the sorted bristles are placed on a conveyor belt, and the knotted areas are combed out with an iron comb.

Then the worker will put the combed bristles in the vibrating machine groove to align the bristle roots.

The other side is making a brush hoop ring, the metal ring we call an iron shell, the iron shell width of about three centimetres. The machine cut out the length, just enough to wrap the mane steel bar, and then bent the steel bar through the mould while making out the cold iron wind. So a wrapped mane of the metal ring is made.

Then workers put the metal ring on the machine inlet, the opposite fixture will clamp up the right amount of bristles, and insert the metal ring, the whole process is all automated processing, and then the prepared cardboard is also inserted into the middle of the metal ring and bristles, to support the bristles, more convenient to use.

At the same time, the made plastic handle is coated with primer, and 60 plastic handles are down at the same time, slowly dipped into the paint, which can prevent air bubbles.

Please wait 30 minutes to dry, followed by dipping it into red paint or other colours of paint, and then dipping it into the glossy paint, which not only protects the handle but also makes its surface shinier.

Then, workers pour epoxy resin glue inside the metal ring, prepare to install the plastic handle, then put it into the assembly machine; the machine pushes the plastic handle into the metal ring while staring at two nails so that the brush is made, the seemingly simple paint brush is still complicated to make. 

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