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How to refurbish old cabinets – How to paint old cabinets

Usually, the furniture products at home are consumable, and after a long time of use will produce ageing and looks not so lovely, so this time, you can consider old furniture refurbishment. Many furniture products age faster than cabinet because it is often subject to the erosion of fumes; today, we will learn how to renovate old cabinets and the old cabinet painting method.

how to renovate old cabinets

There are a few different ways to renovate a cabinet, so you must choose the best method suited to your needs. One popular way to renovate a cabinet is to paint it. This can be a relatively cheap and easy way to give your cabinet a new look.

Tools Preparation




Putty & Putty knife

Paint Brush

Paint Roller Cover

How to refurbish the old cabinets

How to refurbish the old cabinets
Replacing hardware

If you still have the original knobs and knobs hanging around, it may take time for a complete hardware overhaul. Fortunately, many craft and boutique stores already have this service and offer a wide variety of styles for a price. Feel free to use these tiny pieces to show off your personality. Look for a modern look with stylish hardware. If painting is like getting a haircut, then new hardware is a perfect accessory to highlight your best features!

Add a window

Box windows can instantly brighten your kitchen space and are relatively easy to install. Use your cabinet door measurements and purchase glass sheeting or tiles from the hardware store. You can arrange a flat pattern or stick with a sleek, solid look. You can hire someone to cut out your middle cabinets or try carpentry yourself. Make sure you have the proper equipment to ensure safety and prevent yourself from injury.


Cluttered cabinets can make a kitchen redesign go awry. Remember that moment in the old cartoons when the closet would open up and be teaming with all sorts of clutter? Don’t let that happen to you. Take the time to organize your cupboard space. If you have children, you should consider some of the more commonly used kitchen items.

Paint or refurbish

Paint jobs are one of the most underrated design techniques. Adding a new colour scheme to your kitchen can completely change the style of your space. Painting isn’t the only technique you can use; sanding and refinishing old wood cabinets can also make a big difference in the overall feel of your kitchen.

How to paint old cabinets

There are a few different ways to paint old cabinets. You can use spray paint, a paintbrush, or a paint roller. If you are using spray paint, it is best to use a primer first. This will help the paint stick to the cabinet. If you use a paintbrush or a paint roller, you can use a primer. It is best to use high-quality paint to get the best results. You should also make sure to paint in even strokes to avoid streaks. Here are the steps,

How to paint old cabinets
Determine if you can change the paint to another colour

With the development of the industry, furniture panels are not limited to the original wood, standard woodworking panels, fire panels, pressure moulding panels, etc., which fire panels and pressure moulding class furniture is not suitable for paint colour change (mainly because the colour change process is cumbersome).

Preparation before changing the paint

If it is the original wood furniture, you can buy some sandpaper; coarse and fine sand should be prepared. Buy extra “putty” for levelling and filling if not original wood furniture. The choice of paint, because the composition of the paint is different, some paints will cause a mutual chemical reaction, so choose the type of paint that fits your furniture.


Find a rectangular body that you can hold in your hand. One of the flatter sides was wrapped in sandpaper, hand-pressed, and then sanded. The order of the direction of the sanding plane is: horizontal first and then vertical. When sanding, first up and then down, first outside and then inside, the choice of sandpaper is coarse and OK. You must use your hands for furniture corners, shapes, and details. Do you know why you need to sand? On the one hand, to remove the original paint and impurities on the surface of the paint; on the other hand, to increase the adhesion of the new paint.

Preparation before painting

After sanding, see if the furniture has rough places; if so, use putty to level and sand again to a flat state. Then the furniture around and the floor to do protection, to prevent paint pollution of these places. Wipe the furniture with a wet towel with very little water. Stir the paint barrel with a small stick to mix evenly, and keep your hand moving slowly to prevent spilling.

Brush paint

Use a paintbrush with a bit of paint, apply it to the surface of the furniture once painted, and see if there is no chemical reaction. If not, carry out the next step. Then use the paintbrush to pull the paint apart and spread it out. The paint layer should be thick enough; thick will have water ripples or paint united into a small lump. Expect the first coat to be different from your desired effect and colour. It is recommended that no one can see the lousy brush inside from the inside to the outside, but the surface brush is tough to see. After the first brush, let it stand for two or three hours, and touch the paint’s surface with the back of the finger express, to feel dry and no sticky feeling is good. Then paint the second time. After painting the second time, paint thoroughly dry with fantastic water sandpaper, dip it in water, and the appearance of sanding. The primary purpose is to remove the water ripples and paint lumps. And prepare for the painting of varnish.

Lacquer layer protection

Usually, furniture, after painting, to paint varnish the paint layer to protect and brighten. The varnish is also the same as the paint application method, but the amount of paint dipped in each brush is less. The number of times the wrist is waved by spreading the varnish is also more. Varnish is recommended at least two times if the brush hair phenomenon must be the timely treatment of the fallen hair. Varnish only brush furniture surface, not brush the inside.

Wrap up

Be sure to wait for the paint to dry, remove the protection around the furniture and the rest of the paint to seal the mouth, and place it where children can not easily touch it.

After reading the abovementioned content, you’ve understood how to renovate your home cabinets. Take action!

How to paint old cabinets

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