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How to Paint Furniture?

In making furniture, first, you need to shape and polish it, then paint it so that it can form exquisite furniture, so what are the specific steps of furniture painting? This article will introduce how to use the four steps to paint. At the same time, paying attention to some precautions is also essential. We hope this article can be helpful to you.

What are The Steps and Methods of Painting Furniture?

1, the first need for furniture sanding, you can use coarse sandpaper to paint the place sanded once, especially in the corner of the place that needs attention. Sanding can not be too much to ensure that the original shape is not affected.

What Are The Steps And Methods of Painting Furniture

2, prepare a clean rag with water to dry and half wet. It will be sanded to dry all the dust on the furniture’s surface and then replaced with fine sandpaper, re-sanding again. Finally, wipe dry with a rag to ensure that the paint is more solid and has a better film effect.

methods of painting furniture

3, ready to start painting, ready to paint brushes, with a brush in the paint bucket dipped inside, do not stick too much at once. According to the order of top to bottom, left to right to brush paint, pay attention to the corner of the place to deal with properly.

the paint should be thinner than first paint

4, brush the furniture into an excellent place to wait to dry, paint dry and then sandpaper for sanding, significantly rough places to sand flat. Then the 2nd coat of paint, and then dry sanding. Then the 3rd time, the steps are the same, and finally, wait until it is scorched before it is over.

What are the Furniture Painting Precautions?

1, For furniture in the process of painting, use a spatula to remove all the uneven surfaces, but also with coarse sandpaper sanding flat. Clean before the next step in operation.

2, each time, the paint need to pay attention to the strength of the paint, including the thickness of the paint is also different. For example, to increase the bonding strength in the second brush, this time, the paint should be thinner than the first.

brush the furniture

3. If the 3rd paint is found to have some freezing cracks, it can be mended with putty, then sanded smooth and cleaned with sandpaper.

What is the Painting Process of Solid Wood Furniture?

1. Varnish Application Process

(1) sanding the grass-roots level (cleaning the surface of wooden furniture →, sandpaper polishing, smoothing and polishing, cleaning with wet cloth).

(2) brush the first coat of varnish (add thinner, paint film dry quickly); scrape the first coat of putty and sandpaper polish (putty to repair nail holes and gaps).

(3) brush the second coat of varnish and fine sandpaper polishing.

(4) brush the third coat of varnish and polish.

(5): At least five times, sandpaper sanding, waxing and polishing.

Note: The interval should be dry. 6 hours in summer and 24 hours in winter. Keep the site clean and free of dust. The temperature should be above 5 degrees Celsius.

2. Mixed Colour Paint Application Workmanship

(1) Sanding the grass-roots level (cleaning the dust on the surface of the grass-roots level, repairing the grass-roots level and smoothing it with abrasive paper).

(2) the first complete scraping putty (blending putty, varnish, quartz paste, powder water 3:6:1) → polishing → painting primer, primary paint

(3) curing agent: thinner 1:0.5:1, primer thickness of about 1 cm, dry for 4 hours) → fine sandpaper sanding → brush face paint (face paint: curing agent: thinner 1:0.5:1, curing agent to increase the adhesion of paint, thinner to increase dryness, too thick to work, too thin adhesion is not good) → replenish putty to repair → polish and wipe the third face paint to apply the second coat of paint → Polishing and waxing.

polish and wipe the third face paint

3. Points of Application

(1) The specification of varnish application is an essential process, so the first step is to remove the impurities such as dust and oil from the surface of the wooden furniture. When applying the varnish, use cotton wool dipped in oil powder to apply it on the surface of the wooden furniture and rub it back and forth with your hands to rub it into the eyes of the wooden furniture. When applying the oil, hold the brush quickly and naturally and use gentle force with your fingers so that the brush will not be loose or fall off when moving. When painting, we should follow the requirements of dipping more times, dipping less oil each time, operating diligently and brushing smoothly, by order of first up and then down, first tricky and then easy, first left and then right, first inside and then outside, and the operation method of horizontal and vertical brushing.

(2) In addition to cleaning up the debris at the grass-roots level, the grass-roots level should be treated with local putty inlay, and sandpaper should be sanded along with the wooden grain. Before painting the surface layer, use lacquer (⾍gelatin paint) to seal the knots with significant differences in colour and wooden grease. The base should be coated with dry or clear oil, and the dry oil layer should be brushed evenly on all parts without missing any brush. After the base oil is dry, scrape the first layer of putty, sand with manual sandpaper after drying, and then make up the high-strength putty, which should not fall by picking the silk. When painting the surface layer, use fine sandpaper first.

4. Caution

(1) The grass-roots treatment should be applied as required to ensure that the surface painting will not fail.

(2) Clean the surrounding environment to prevent dust and soil from flying.

(3) Since paints are toxic and strongly stimulate the respiratory tract, be sure to pay attention to good ventilation during application.

What Kind of Paint Brush Do I Use to Paint Furniture?

The best paint brush to paint furniture would be different shapes of synthetic paintbrushes and bristle paintbrushes.

You can find more in our articles. How to Choose The Right PaintBrush?

painting furniture

The above is about the specific process of painting furniture; painting needs first to lay a good foundation, brush three coats of varnish, and finally, sandpaper sanding, deglossing, waxing, and polishing can.

Hope this article can help you. Happy Painting!

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