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How to Paint Wooden Doors?

Many families choose to use wooden doors when decorating. Wooden doors are practical and beautiful, but after a period of use, they will gradually become old and may even appear off the paint. Then we need to repaint the wooden doors so that they wooden doors are new again. So how do you paint wooden doors? Wooden door painting needs to pay attention to what? Next, we will look at it together.

how to paint wooden door wooden door painting

What Tools Are Needed to Paint Wooden Doors?

Coarse sandpaper, fine sandpaper, paint, roller brush, paintbrush

tools to paint wooden doors

How to Paint Wooden Doors?

  1. First, remove the door above the decorative items so as not to scratch the hands when operating, which will also be conducive to brushing the paintbrush evenly.
  2. Sanding. Use coarse sandpaper to paint the place that needs to be sanded once; pay attention to the corner of the place. Refrain from sanding too much. Keep the original shape of the wooden door. Use a cloth with water, make it semi-wet, and wipe the powder on the wooden door after sanding. Retake fine sandpaper and sand, again paying attention to the corners. Then clean up the powder with a water-soaked rag. This step is essential for the wooden door to be painted more solid.
how to paint wooden doors  sanding

3. Paint. Take the paint and paintbrush, and open the paint lid. Put the paintbrush in the paint bucket, and dip only a little paint at once. The rule of painting is from top to bottom and from left to right. Pay attention to the corners, and hidden areas should also be painted.

how to paint wooden doors  take the paintbrush
  1. Drying. Leave the painted wooden door for four to five hours for the paint to dry.
  2. Sand again. After the paint is dry, take fine sandpaper to sand the wooden door from end to end again. This sanding is to paint on the uneven place to sand flat to facilitate the continued painting.
  3. paint the second time, according to the third step above, the second painting. Note that if the paint is too thick, you can add the right amount of rubber water, dilute the paint and then brush. Then continue to dry and sand.
  4. paint the third time. Brush the paint again according to the above steps to finish the wooden door paint.
how to paint wooden doors  using paint roller

8. Put on the handle and other decorations. Will handle and other decorations removed together to install back. So the whole wooden door is painted perfectly. At this point, you will find the wooden door on the paint even more beautiful; the whole room is followed beautifully.

What Kind of Paint Can Be Used to Paint The Door?

The painting process of wooden doors is essential in the manufacturing process of wooden doors.

In general, the paints used on wooden doors in the market are mainly divided into PU paint (polyurethane paint), PE paint (unsaturated resin paint), NC paint (nitrocellulose paint), UV paint (ultraviolet curing paint), W paint (water-based wood paint).

what kind of paint can be used to paint the door
1. PU paint

PU paint is a variety of paint commonly used by wood door companies. It has good overall performance, such as better construction performance, filling, fullness, hardness, sanding, etc. have better performance.

how to paint the door PU Paint
2. PE paint

PE paint is often used as a primer, with high hardness, good fullness, transparency, and sag resistance, but its construction performance is more complex and brittle. And PE topcoats are only glossy products with no matte surface, so using PE topcoats in wood door painting is rare.

3. NC paint

NC paint is an ancient type of paint and is widely used. It is used on wooden doors with good hardness and brightness and is relatively easy to repair. But its paint film protection is not good and is not resistant to organic solvents, heat and corrosion.

how to paint the door NC Paint
4. UV paint

UV paint is currently one of the two environmentally friendly paints recognized worldwide. In addition to environmental protection, UV paint coating performance is also excellent, with excellent hardness, chemical resistance, etc., after intense ultraviolet light curing treatment, colour stability, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and not easy to deform.

how to paint the door UV Paint
5. W paint

W paint is worth promoting because of its non-toxic environmental protection, no smell, very few volatiles, non-flammable and non-explosive high security, no yellowing, large painting area, etc. With the increasing environmental protection awareness, W paint is becoming more and more popular in the market.

how to paint the door W Paint

Wooden doors need to choose what kind of paint varieties based on their wooden doors’ positioning, the surface effect of different requirements and reasonable selection. Good selection to achieve the desired effect and save labour and materials.

In addition, regarding the colour selection, many people think that the colour card paint colour and painted wooden door effect are identical, which is a misconception. Because of light reflection and other reasons, wooden doors are painted after the wooden door colour will look darker than on the colour card.

Therefore, it is recommended that you pick a colour slightly lighter than the colour you like when choosing a colour from the colour card.

What Kind of Paint Brush Do I Use to Paint The Door?

There are many paintbrushes on the market; which is better for door painting? We want to recommend wool brushes.

how to paint wooden door recommend wool brushes

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How Long Can Move In After Painting The Wooden Door?

  1. Water-based paint, you can move in immediately
  2. Good oil-based paint (nitro class, alkyd class), wait for 1 month
  3. Good oil-based paint (polyester), wait for 3 months
You can also use some methods to remove the smell.

1. Saucer full of cool water, then add the right amount of vinegar to the ventilation room and open the furniture door. This can not only evaporate the amount of water to protect the top of the wall paint surface but also can absorb and eliminate the residual odour;
2. Indoors can also be placed more green plants, such as hanging orchids, green roses, etc. adsorption taste, you can also observe whether the smell is too big for the plants to have an impact if the plants are withered. It is more can not move in.

how long can move in after painting the wooden door


We have introduced to you today how to paint wooden doors, pay attention to the problems and use paint and paint brushes. Compared to other materials, Wooden doors will be more practical for some doors, but daily maintenance should also be carried out regularly. If your home wood doors also have black, off the phenomenon of paint, hurry up and do it so that the wooden doors become bright.

how to paint wooden doors  by paint brush and roller

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