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10 Painting Hacks to Paint Like A Pro

A fresh coat of paint on the walls can often change the entire space’s style, ambience and visual size. But we all know that painting is a big job. Whether you’re moving to a new home or an old room tired of looking like it needs a significant makeover, here are ten painting hacks that will make your next remodelling project easier!

painting hacks  paint brush manufacturers


painting hacks  Vaseline

When painting walls with a paintbrush or roller brush, there may be small details you don’t want to colour or move to, such as screws, pivots or hinges. Apply a layer of Vaseline to these small, hard-to-treat areas. After the paint is applied, wipe off the Vaseline, and the colour will not linger.

Colour Roller

painting hacks  colour roller

Coloured rollers are ideal for quickly painting large surface walls. However, especially cheap products may need to be of better quality and may damage the wall’s surface. So before you start painting, use a handy sticky, rolling roller or tape to remove anything unwanted from the surface of the coloured roller.

Rubber Bands

painting hacks  rubber bands

Typical DIY trick: Put rubber bands on the paint bucket and use them as paint strippers. If you have been using the rubber band for a long time, make sure the rubber band is not too tight to invert the rubber band from popping off and paint messy spray.

Keep The Paint Tray Clean

painting hacks  keep the paint tray clean

There is nothing more annoying about wall painting than cleaning paintbrushes and trays. You can wrap the paint tray in aluminium foil before you start working. When you’re done, you must discard the foil, and the paint tray will still look new.

Sealing Tape Bag

painting hacks  colour roller sealing tape bag

When painting the wall, please remember to cover the soffit or door frame with tape and stick the tape tightly along the edges. This way, you will be able to ensure that the paint does not drip onto the floor or leave marks on things that do not need to be painted.

Remove The Tape

painting hacks  colour roller remove the tape

When removing masking tape after the paint has dried, there is a risk of getting undried paint on it, and you may also damage the freshly painted object. You only need to use a hair dryer to remove the tape. In general, to remove the masking tape, it is recommended that you not tear it off in a straight line but at a slight angle.

Portable Palette

Painting hacks  portable palette

The following tips are recommended for painting jobs on stairs or in smaller areas around the house. You only need one hand to do the work of painting. As shown in the picture below, cut a hole in front of a plastic bottle. On the one hand, this plastic can has been turned into a paint tray where you can pour the paint. You can use the edges to brush off the excess paint. On the other hand, the jar’s opening can be used to place the brush.

Small Paint Rollers

Painting hacks small paint roller

When walls are painted, it isn’t easy to paint the corners because the left and right sides of the paint rolls are usually covered with plastic. Using other brushes to paint areas that are difficult to reach with these large paint rolls may result in different textures on the walls.

Painting hacks  mini paint roller manufacturer

In this case, switch to smaller paint rolls. Unlike large paint rolls, small paint rolls are entirely covered with fabric, making them especially suitable for corners.

Paint Roller Bucket Storage

painting hacks   Paint roller bucket storage

Teamsheet buckets are ideal for holding paint rolls. If you plan to reuse this roll after painting, clean it first, then wrap it in plastic and place it in a potato chip bucket. This will prevent the rolls from being contaminated or damaged by other things. Next time you need to use them again. They will be as good as new.

Cleaning Paint Brushes

painting hacks  cleaning paint brushes

If you want to clean paintbrushes, you usually wash them in a glass bottle with a cleaning solution. However, if the bristles fall directly to the bottom of the glass bottle, they will bend. To avoid this, dovetail clamps can be placed on the paintbrush handles, and then one side of the handle can be straightened and placed on the edge of the glass so that the paintbrush will be evenly immersed in the liquid without touching the glass directly.

FAQ in Painting Decoration

painting hacks  FAQ
1. How Many Times Do I Need to Paint The Ceiling And The Walls in General?
How many times do I need to paint the ceiling and the walls

Generally speaking, if the base colour of the wall is lighter, two brushes of paint for ceiling and wall decoration will be enough. But if the base colour is darker and the paint’s colour is lighter, it is necessary to paint more times according to the degree of coverage of the paint colour. But not the more times the paint is brushed, the better. If the paint is brushed too often, there will be a peeling, cracking phenomenon.

2. How Many Coats of Nitrocellulose Varnish Are on Wood Products?
How many coats of nitrocellulose varnish are on wood products
  1. How Many Coats of Nitrocellulose Varnish Are on Wood Products?

Since the paint film of nitro varnish is relatively thin, painters should do more decoration brushing according to the situation. Generally, at least six times should be brushed. But there is a premise that painters should clean the paint surface before painting each time to avoid the paint brushing behind to cover the foreign matter.

3. Is The Quality of Hand-brushed Paint or Spray Paint Good?
Is the quality of hand-brushed paint or spray paint good

Some home renovations use a mixed oil process (blending paint, etc.). This practice seems more manageable for people who need to learn more about decoration and painting construction than varnish. Still, this construction practice is much more complicated than the practice of varnish.

The craft of painters is a test. Poor craftsmanship of some workers to do out of work is easy to appear brush marks, so to improve the quality of the project, many sites have recently begun to use the spray paint process to mix the oil way to do decoration painting construction. This practice’s quality is much better than manual operation, but the disadvantage is that it is more wasteful.

4. Why Should I Choose a Paintbrush that Does Not Lose Its Bristles?
Why should I choose a paintbrush that does not lose its bristles

Some workers use paint brushes of poor quality and love to lose hair. With such brushes, decorative painting, often hanging brush hairs on the paint surface, after the paint into a film, stays on the paint, the effect of the paint is very influential. Therefore, when painting should be as good as possible with good quality paint brushes. If it is a new brush, you should also pay attention to the brush above the easy-to-fall-off hair knock or use a lighter to start a floating hair.

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