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Should I buy expensive emulsion paint when I decorate my house?

Emulsion paint is a common decoration material. It is mainly used for the decoration of walls. There are a lot of friends in the purchase of the price of the more expensive will be better, is it so? Today we will talk about how to buy latex paint it.

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Must I buy expensive emulsion paint?

The more expensive latex paint is not, the better. “The price of latex paint is not only related to environmental protection but also closely related to its scrubbing resistance and coverage. 

The price of products with solid coverage and scrub resistance is generally higher. Therefore, when we buy latex paint, we must pay attention to its composition, pay attention to its volatile organic compounds (VOC), and free formaldehyde.

When you walk into a new house that has just been renovated, some people will feel dizzy, and their eyes will be hard to bear. That is because of the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and free formaldehyde. Therefore, when you buy latex paint, you can open the lid, put your head near the top of the bucket, and feel it with your eyes. The less irritation in your eyes, the lower the content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and the better the quality. Next, smell it again. They are not ideal choices if the taste is smelly or there is a harsh and industrial flavouring smell.

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Latex paint is a water-based paint, and its film performance is much better than solvent-based paint, accounting for half of the solvent-based paint; organic solvents are replaced by water here, so the toxicity of organic solvents, basically by latex paint, is completely solved. Emulsion paint is made of some polymer water solution into the film substance.
Emulsion paint manufacturer said that in addition to water and safe and harmless different types of polymers or polymers, but also contains a small emulsifier and trace amounts of unpolymerized free monomer. A free monomer is several small molecules that can volatilize. There are varying toxicity problems, environmental protection paint-free monomer concentration control at 0.1% or less, the number of additives more than 2% to 3%, and less than 0.05% to 0.1% Between. Health.
Emulsion paint requires the construction environment temperature to be not less than five ℃, and relative humidity is not higher than 85%. Therefore, in the rainy season, the temperature is lower than five ℃ in winter, which is unsuitable for brushing emulsion paint. Brush latex paint in sunny and dry weather.

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What to pay attention to when buying latex paint

What to pay attention to when buying latex paint

  1. Scrubbable function

First of all, it is scrubbable. Because the wall is easy to get dirty, families with children will be more for graffiti and get hurt. The latex paint with waterproof formula will naturally form a dense layer of waterproof paint after it dries. You can easily wipe the stain with water or a mild detergent without smudging the paint.

As long as regular manufacturers produce the emulsion paint sold on the market, in line with the provisions of national standards, emulsion paint has this function.

2. Moisture and mould function

Moisture and mold function

Has the wall at home happened because of excessive moisture and mould growth? This is especially true in basements, bathrooms, or humid weather. Anti-mold, moisture-proof formula of latex paint can effectively block moisture on the wall and wall invasion, preventing moisture penetration from preventing mould growth.

3. Long-lasting paint is not easy to fade, peeling

The paint is durable and does not easy to fade; peeling is another point consumers should pay attention to when selecting latex paint. Generally speaking, latex paint can keep 3-5 years new and bright and is more in line with the family’s requirements. Choosing the formal domestic production of sizeable interior wall latex paint enterprises can meet the requirements.

What should I pay attention to when painting latex paint?

1, if you want to paint latex paint, be sure to wait for the completion of other painting projects in the home to paint latex paint. Otherwise, the paint emits toluene, and other substances will make the latex paint yellow, which will cause a lot of damage.

2, if the old wall is to repaint with latex paint, it must first be the original cracked, peeling paint layer scraped off. To deal with its clean, keep the wall flat and dry to brush latex paint.

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3, the deployment of latex paint must be careful, construction should also master the process, or the viscosity of latex paint will be affected. And more latex paint if the wall is painted with coloured latex paint. In the deployment, it must be thoroughly mixed latex paint if not mixed evenly, the colour paste of latex paint will be unevenly distributed, resulting in the entire wall colour blossom, and the entire wall decorative effect will not look.
4, this side of the special attention is to paint latex paint before, regardless of whether the wall is painted primer or scraping putty, must wait until the bottom paint dries or putty dry before the next operation.
If you want to buy latex paint, you must pay attention to the specific purchase method, home improvement is a big thing, and choose suitable decoration materials. When buying latex paint, be sure to choose the brand produced by regular manufacturers, but also pay attention to the methods and techniques of painting latex paint to avoid the phenomenon of peeling and fading later.

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