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What animal hair is the paint brush made of?

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Paint brushes mainly use the hair of the following animals:

1. Bristles

Bristle, commonly known as pig hair, refers to the bristles that grow on the neck and back of the pig, usually more than 5cm.

Bristle is tough, elastic, not easy to deform, resistant to moisture, high temperature, not affected by heat and cold. At the same time, the bristle also has an anti-static effect.

Because of its strong toughness, it is not easy to break hair, and it is made into a barbecue brush after disinfection and washing, which can be used for oil brushing in the barbecue process.

When used as a paint brush, the bristle brush is solid and durable, which can achieve a heavy paint coating effect, while being easy to clean and can be reused.

2. Wool

Wool brush is soft, commonly used to make paint brushes, suitable for different paint brushing needs.

To sum up, paint brushes are mainly made from animal hair such as bristles and wool. These hairs are widely used in the manufacture of paint brushes because of their unique physical properties.

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