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What are the Main Types of Brushes and their Uses ?

A paintbrush is one of the essential tools for the construction industry, and it comes in many types. Here, we will discuss its main types and uses. We hope it will be helpful to you.

There are five main types of brushes.

First, the wool brush has soft bristles to highlight the paint evenly and is often used for brushing paint.

Second, pig bristles paint brush this brush is more rigid, so it is often used to brush paint.

Third, a wire brush, because it is hard, is often used as a cleaning tool.

Fourth, paint roller brush, because the roller uses a broader area, it is used for enormous area paint rolling.

Fifth, mixed bristle paint brush, made of various animal hair, is mainly used in the decoration industry.

Specific introduction about main types of paint brushes

Wool Brush

wool brush

wool is one of the materials often used in industrial manufacturing to manufacture brushes and is one of the first materials to appear. The wool brush has the advantage of containing large paint, good levelling, evenly highlighting the paint, and being durable. And because of the softness of wool brush bristles, it is often used to brush paint.

Hog Bristle Paint Brush

hog bristle paint brush

brushes made of hog bristles. Hog bristles are commonly known as pig bristles. This brush has the characteristics of stiffness, not easy to deformation, moisture resistance, etc. And because pig bristle brush is more rigid, it is often used as a brush paint.

Wire Brush

wire brush

the material is primarily stainless steel copper wire, nylon wire and other metal materials. Because of its hard texture, often used as a cleaning tool, can effectively remove burrs, oil, and dead ends that are not clean and is a good helper for cleaning.

Paint Roller Brush

paint roller brush

also known as a paint roller brush, is divided into long-pile, medium-pile, short-pile and different dimensions. Because the roller use area is vast, often used for the enormous area of paint rolling. But the disadvantage is easy to produce paint spattering conditions.

Mixed Bristle Paint Brush

mixted bristle paint brush

as the name suggests, this is a brush made of mixed wool, pig hair, horse hair, and other animal cats. The application is also very wide, primarily used in the decorative decoration industry.

How to Use a Brush

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