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How to Paint the walls? Which is Better: Brushing, Rolling or Spraying?

How to paint the walls? The wall decoration accounts for a large proportion, and the wall is often the focus of a home. It can be said that the colour of the wall is the entire home decoration of the base colour. The later indoor furniture and other items are based on this wall base colour to match the colour. If the wall decoration is good, it can enhance the whole home decoration style and make the home environment more beautiful. The wall decoration process needs to be painted, especially for families who use latex paint to decorate their walls. The painting process is even more critical.

the color of the wall is the entire home decoration of the base color

At present, there are three main ways to paint the walls, which are brushing, rolling and spraying.

Different painting methods have their advantages and disadvantages. This has led to many people not knowing how to choose, then brush, roll, or spray three. Which is better?

In this blog post, you will understand the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of painting. Hope it will be helpful to you.

Paint Brush – Brushing


Brush painting is the earliest and most traditional way of painting. This method can save the cost of paint and is suitable for various wall surfaces, generally used in a small area of the wall.

Advantages: The brush painting method is simple, easy to operate, and suitable for miniature area-shaped base painting and local repair. At the same time, the loss of paint is relatively small, which can save the cost of paint coating to a large extent. In addition, the brushing method can let the paint penetrate the wall better and increase the adhesion to the painted surface.

Disadvantage: The brushing method is to use a tool like a brush to dip the paint on the wall, this painting method is simple but too labour-intensive for the builder as a whole, and the construction efficiency is also very low, so it is not suitable for some fast-drying paints. In addition, if the master’s skill deviates, it will lead to brush marks, flow columns and uneven painting, which will not only delay the construction process, but also waste the paint, and the overall loss will be huge.

Paint Roller – Rolling


The rolling method is still used in wall decoration, which uses rollers to paint the wall back and forth; compared with the brushing method, it is easier and more convenient.

Advantages: The roller coating method allows the paint to penetrate the pores of the painted surface more efficiently, which can strengthen the adhesion to the painted surface to a certain extent, and the loss of paint is relatively tiny. At the same time, compared with brush coating, the construction efficiency is also improved, which can speed up the whole construction process.

Disadvantages: To a certain extent, the two operation methods of rolling and brushing are similar, and they are not suitable for some fast-drying paints. Otherwise, they will lead to traces on the wall and affect the overall beauty. If the builder’s skills are lacking, the paint film will also produce rolling marks and hanging and uneven painting defects. The rolling method is more demanding on the base treatment of the wall, so you must be careful with the wall decoration.

Spray Gun – Spraying


Compared with the first two painting methods, spraying is a more popular one in recent years, the construction is simple, easy and convenient, and the overall effect is good.

Advantages: Wall painting construction by spraying will speed up the progress of the whole project, while spraying will spray the paint coating evenly on the wall. After spraying, the wall will be exceptionally smooth and flat by hand. And for unique places like corners, the spraying method can also be painted well, so there is no uneven wall painting. Moreover, the whole paint film of the wall treated by the spraying method is relatively thick, so the decorative effect presented is also perfect.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages of the spray method of painting are also real. The tools used in the spraying method are in the form of spraying so that it will cause a certain degree of waste of latex paint; compared to brushing and rolling, with at least a 10% loss of latex paint, the natural cost of decoration will increase a lot. In addition, if there is a problem with the wall later, the repair will be done by brushing or rolling, and there will be a significant difference in the repaired wall. If your home wall problem area is large, it will directly affect the overall beauty. Therefore, the walls decorated with paintings must be protected by later occupancy.

How to paint the walls? The three ways of brushing, rolling and spraying introduced above are all possible.

paint the walls

Currently, the roof of the house will choose to use the spraying method to carry out construction is simple, convenient and fast. And other walls will choose to roll + brush coating way combined; brush coating will be used in some corners and other particular areas.

Such a combination of construction, to a large extent to ensure beauty and better save paint and coating resources, can be the lowest cost of decoration. 

Of course, you can find experienced people to consult before decorating and then combine their situations to choose a paint application method that suits them.

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