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Best Paint Roller Covers of 2022

Painting is a great way to express your personality. A great paint roller cover—a cylindrical fabric piece that fits over a roller frame—distributes paint more efficiently than a brush, cutting down on painting time and ensuring a smooth, even finish. We evaluated paint roller covers based on their durability, smoothness of application, and versatility. Our top choice, the Paintbrusha Paint Roller Cover, lays down a smooth, perfect coat of paint. Here are the top roller covers in various categories most likely to interest the DIY painter. 

Best Overall: Purdy White Dove 9-Inch Woven Roller Covers 3 Pack

If you’ve ever painted before, you know that the right roller cover is crucial. And if you’re a pro, you know that the right roller cover can make all the difference between a disaster and a great job.

Purdy white roller covers

That’s why we love Purdy’s paint roller covers. They’re great for professionals, and they’re also perfect for people who are new to DIY painting. It’s so easy to use: pop it on your roller frame, dip it into some paint and roll! You’ll get smooth results every time—without lint, streaks, thin spots, or blotches. You won’t have to worry about splattering or spilling paint while working. 

You can use these covers with any latex or oil-based paint, stain, varnish, or sealer over walls, doors, trim, cabinets, ceilings—even metal! The 3/8-inch nap glides over smooth to semi-smooth surfaces like drywall and panelling with ease. Best of all? They come in packs of three at a very reasonable price (less than $10 per cover). These covers wash up quickly, so they can be reused repeatedly (which will save money). 

Wooster Brush Company 5/16-Inch Nap Roller Cover

The Wooster Brush Company 5/16-Inch Nap Roller Cover is a polypropylene cover with a nap of 5/16 inches. This roller cover is reusable and can be used for painting walls, ceilings, trim and doors. 

Wooster Brush Company 5/16-Inch Nap Roller Cover

Its extended nap length makes it easy to apply paint to large areas quickly without streaky lines or splotches. These covers are durable enough to last through several projects before needing replacement. Hence, they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for something that will last longer than other options on the market today!

Best for Decks and Fences: Wooster Wool 3/4-Inch Nap Roller Cover

You’ve got a deck that needs painting, but you’re unsure what to do about it. You could use a roller cover made of synthetic fibres, but that would snag and catch on the rough surface of your old fence.

Or you could use a roller cover made of lamb shearling—but those are expensive!

Wooster Wool 3/4-Inch Nap Roller Cover

But what if we told you there was a way to make them both work? With the Wooster Wool 3/4-Inch Nap Roller Cover, you’ll be able to easily paint semi-rough wooden surfaces, even if they’re old or new fences, outdoor furniture, or outdoor wooden trim. This strict little number is made of high-quality, 100% natural lamb shearling (the softest wool around) that lays down just enough paint to cover wood’s irregularities and doesn’t snag or catch on rough surfaces. And since this is an excellent roller cover for oil-based paints, stains, varnishes, and all types of latex or water-based products, you can use it on any project! The Wooster Wool 3/4-Inch Nap Roller Cover is 9 inches long—just right for most projects.

Best Foam: FoamPRO 9-Inch Smooth & Semi-Smooth Surface Foam Roller Covers

The FoamPRO 9-Inch Paint Roller Sleeve is made of a highly durable foam that holds a lot of paint without matting down, letting you cover smooth to semi-smooth surfaces with a perfectly even coat of paint and zero roller marks.

FoamPRO 9-Inch Smooth & Semi-Smooth Surface Foam Roller Covers

 Use these roller covers with paint on doors, cabinets, furniture, walls, panelling, and even ceilings that aren’t too heavily textured. Note that you’ll want to use less pressure than a traditional synthetic roller sleeve to avoid paint splatters or drips. When you’re finished, wash the foam cover with water and let it dry—it’s ready for your next project!

Perfect: Paintbrusha Multi-Functional Roller Covers 

The roller covers produced by Paintbrusha would be great to keep on hand for tackling small paint projects around the house, such as touching up walls, painting baseboards or trim, or smoothing stains over furniture, as well as for big projects like painting houses, walls, doors, etc. The roller frames are an easy-to-grip and have Ergonomic handles. Their roller covers are microfiber and have a ⅜-inch nap, which is well suited for most lightly textured surfaces. The rollers apply paint smoothly without leaving behind any annoying lint or fibres. Match the roller covers to your favourite 4-inch, 6-7 inch, 12-inch, and 9-inch roller frames. They provide easy-to-grip roller frames along with proper roller length. 

3 inch roller covers 4 inch roller covers
9 inch roller covers

We like that their rollers are suitable for epoxies, latex paints/stains, and oil-based products. Their roller covers are produced in various materials like synthetic, wool, sponge, polyester, foam, etc. The core of the roller cover is made with suitable plastic compared to their competitors, who designed the core with cheap cardboard. And those low-level and cheap cores don’t work well and often come apart after a few uses. Paintbrusha’s versatile naps like

¼-inch nap is best for very smooth walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and other surfaces without texture, including metal.

⅜-inch nap is suitable for lightly textured surfaces, including most interior walls.

½-inch nap is a good length for moderately textured walls, panelling, and painted brick or concrete.

¾-inch nap is best for heavily textured surfaces such as bare brick or concrete or textured interior walls like popcorn-textured ceilings.

1-inch nap and above helps paint stucco, cinder blocks, or rough brick, which are good options. Overall, Paintbrusha has professional roller covers worked very well on lightly textured and smooth surfaces. 

Best for Doors and Cabinets: Whizz Cabinet and Doors 4-Inch Foam Roller Covers 

Smooth Finish with Whizz Cabinet and Doors 4-Inch Foam Roller Covers.

Whizz Cabinet and Doors 4-Inch Foam Roller Covers

If you’re painting a textured surface, you may think using a foam roller is the best way to get a smooth finish. But what if your project involves untextured surfaces like interior or front doors, cabinets, trim, or furniture? For those situations, reach for the Whizz Cabinet and Doors 4-Inch Foam Roller Covers. These high-density foam roller covers lay down the smoothest coat possible of latex or oil-based paint, shellac, stain, varnish, lacquer, urethane, or sealer—even in high-gloss finishes!

Best Microfiber: Pro Grade 9-Inch Microfiber Paint Roller Covers 6 Pack

When you’re painting, it’s all about creating a smooth, perfect finish. That’s why we love these 9-inch roller covers. 

Because these microfiber sleeves are so durable and hold more paint than other materials, they’ll help you get your project done quickly. And because they’re lint-free, they don’t leave behind any roller marks or lint—they leave behind a smooth, spotless layer of paint.

Pro Grade 9-Inch Microfiber Paint Roller Covers 6 Pack

These covers can be used on any interior surface that’s smooth or lightly textured: walls, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and even floors. They work well with any paint or stain.

Once you’re finished with your project? Clean the sleeves for future use or toss them; either way, they’re reasonably priced!

Best for Trim: Wooster Super Doo-Z 3-Inch Paint Roller Sleeve

If you’ve ever painted trim with a brush, you know how laborious the task can be. When you’re painting around a window or door, things get even more complicated because it’s not just one big flat surface—there are corners and curves that need to be covered.

Wooster Super Doo-Z 3-Inch Paint Roller Sleeve

Luckily, there’s a better way. With a 3-inch Wooster Super Doo-Z sash roller frame, you can use these shed-resistant synthetic woven fabric rollers to paint the trim in record time and with superior results. The rollers come in two sizes: The rollers have a 3/8-inch nap that will apply the smoothest coat of paint over smooth to semi-smooth surfaces—even those with high-gloss finishes! They’re also durable enough to stand up to harsh chemicals and solvents without losing shape or performance.

HomeRight Best Roller for Painting

There is another option you can consider for your next painting project. With its patented design, this durable and reusable paint roller cover can be used on almost any surface: walls and woodwork, metal objects such as bicycles and fences, plastic items like toys or flower pots and even glass windows. It won’t leave streaks on any of these surfaces either—in fact, it will make your work more accessible than ever before!

HomeRight Best Roller for Painting

This innovative product has been hand-crafted by artisans who take pride in their craftsmanship. Hence, you know that it will do an excellent job and last longer than most other products available today. When we say “longer,” we mean up to 10 times longer than standard foam covers, which means less time spent buying new ones!

The plastic side guards also ensure that the roller cover stays on the paint can so it doesn’t get lost. This is an essential feature because you don’t want to look for your supplies while working HomeRight Best Roller for Painting is a must-have for anyone who wants to make their next paint job more accessible than ever before. It’s also great for those looking for new ways to save money and time when it comes to DIY projects around the house or office.

Shur-Line 2006542 Best Paint Roller Cover

The Shur-Line 2006542 is a high-density roller cover made of polyester fabric and has a nap length of 1/8″. It also has a diameter of 9″. This roller cover is best used for painting walls and ceilings, but if you’re applying paint on floors, you should use one explicitly designed for this purpose.

Shur-Line 2006542 Best Paint Roller Cover

 It’s easy to clean up after use because it can be machine washed in cold water without the need to dry clean it first (in some cases). Its durability means that these covers will last longer than other types when exposed to regular wear and tear over time—and they don’t leave behind any lint either!

Best for Rough Exterior Surfaces: Valspar Stucco, Decks, and Masonry Roller Covers

Tackling rough surfaces, such as masonry, stucco walls, unfinished wood, textured concrete, or stone? 

Valspar Stucco, Decks, and Masonry Roller Covers

This handy pack of two Valspar Stucco, Decks & Masonry Paint Roller Covers will help you get the job done quickly and easily—no more struggling with rough surfaces that tear at your roller cover and leave you with an uneven finish. These sturdy knit polyester sleeves are designed to stand up to the wear and tear involved in painting rough surfaces so that you can complete your project quickly and with the professional-looking results you desire.

Best Mini: True Blue 4-Inch Mini Paint Roller Cover 

The True Blue 4-Inch Mini Paint Roller Cover is an excellent addition to any painter’s toolbox.

Sometimes, all you need is a small roller for quick touch-ups of scuffed or chipped paint, for working in tight spots, for painting small pieces of furniture, or for crafts. 

True Blue 4-Inch Mini Paint Roller Cover 

These small roller sleeves are made of 3/8-inch nap microfiber that picks up and lays down quite a bit of paint without excessive shedding, splattering, or smearing. Use them with any latex or oil-based paint over smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. You get a pack of 10 sleeves at a very reasonable price, making these the perfect covers to keep on hand for quick painting tasks.

Start Your Painting Project With Paintbrusha

If you’re looking to get the best paint roller cover, then check out this article. We have some great options that will help you with any paint job. Remember that not all roller covers are created equal, so make sure you know what paint roller cover works best for what project before making a purchase!

We recommend you consider Paintbrusha Paint roller covers. Paintbrusha offers the perfect solution to your painting needs and is an excellent choice if you’re looking for quality painting tools at a reasonable price. The speciality of Paintbrusha is its versatility in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products. If you want your product logo, they will provide it. If you want a custom order, they will provide it. Paintbrusha always fulfils the client’s requirements, and that is the reason it has clients all over the world.

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