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How to Repaint the Walls of a New House? – 2 Types of Situations with 3 and 6 Steps Respectively.

We have many friends who are looking to refurbish the original walls when they are renovating. And for the original wall renovation should take different methods on different bases.

For example, the most common is the renovation of old walls; another case is the renovation of the original latex paint. And for these two different situations, the operational requirements are entirely different.  

So in this article, we will answer the question of how to repaint the new house and the specific practices of wall renovation.

How to repaint the walls

How To Repaint The Walls of a New House?

How to repaint a new house? It means our new house has already been decorated, but we are unsatisfied with the wall paint. For example, if the colour is not very satisfactory, or the effect of the painting is not satisfactory, they may need to repaint the wall. To repaint the wall, I recommend the following three steps. These three steps can be completed.

1. The New Latex Paint Should be Selected Correctly

If we plan to repaint the latex paint on the wall, we must choose the right colour. The personal view of choice given here is that if the original latex paint is white, we can choose any colour for the new latex paint. But if the original wall is coloured, then when choosing, choose a colour darker than the original. This choice avoids painting the new wall paint after the bottom of the situation and finally leads to a significant colour difference.

The New Latex Paint Should Be Selected Correctly

2. Before Repainting the Wall, Paint Preparation

Our new house to repaint the wall, first of all, the corresponding space should be moved out of the room, to ensure that there can be painted wall space. Now they use roller brushes to brush wall paint, so two meters from the wall are cleaned up after laying protective film on the ground to avoid pollution of the floor or floor tiles. Then the latex paint on the wall should be checked, and if there is cracking to be eradicated and repaired with putty. You should use a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer to blow over the dust on the wall to ensure it is clean.

3. Brush the Top Coat

The wall is repainted with latex paint, which can be directly brushed with latex paint. When brushing the top coat, it is recommended that you do not add water dilution. That is to say, and the top coat can not be too thin. Otherwise, it will affect the film thickness of the emulsion paint after painting, affecting the quality of the look and feel, etc. When brushing, use the roller brush to take the painting order from top to bottom. After the painting is completed, maintain 7 to 10 days. So our wall repainting is complete.

Brush The Top Coat

How to Repaint the Walls in Old Room Renovation?

The wall renovation mentioned here means that our walls need to be refurbished, not just unsatisfied with the original latex paint on the walls. The walls of a newly purchased rough room or a second-hand house must be renovated. To renovate the wall, you must start from the grassroots level until the top layer of latex paint painting. Specific steps should be completed by the following.

1) Grassroots Management

First of all, the wall should be cleaned up. If there is a putty layer and latex paint layer on the original wall, it is recommended that you eradicate it cleanly to expose the plaster layer inside. After exposing the plaster layer, I recommend you paint the wall solid once. The wall will be painted evenly if it is coated with a traditional interface agent. Before painting the interface agent, we must check whether our walls are cracked and have holes and use cement mortar to repair and level these problems. Also, ensure that the wall is dry before we prepare for the next step of construction.

Grassroots Management

2) Scraping the First Putty

The first step in the formal construction of wall renovation is the scraping of putty by the oiler. Here, I recommend that you choose the finished putty paste. When renovating old houses, try to choose water-resistant putty for indoor use. After the first coat of putty is dry, a simple sanding process should be carried out to polish off all the particles on the surface. Only after that is the official second coat of putty scraping. The putty level is fundamental, especially for large walls. After the second coat of putty has dried, the wall needs to be carefully sanded and cleaned of dust afterwards. Make sure our walls are clean and smooth.

Scraping The First Putty

3) The Painting of Latex Paint Primer

The third step in renovating the old house is to brush the primer with latex paint. For the current latex paint, there are primer and topcoat. For the primer, it is recommended that you follow the method of use and do not add water if you can. In the painting process, make sure that the wall is painted evenly. That is to say, and every place should be painted with primer, not allowed to miss. The primer is also generally applied with a roller. The roller can be used to paint the wall very evenly, and the stubble parts can be avoided as much as possible.

4) Primer Patching

When the primer is dry, the primer should be patched, which is to patch some exposed parts or parts that are not thick enough to paint. After the primer is dry, you can see which parts of the brush latex paint are more uniform and which parts of the brush are weaker. For the weak position, it is recommended that you use a roller to find a patch again. This will try to avoid the latex paint later appearing colour difference and stubble problems.

The Painting of Latex Paint Primer

5) Latex Paint Topcoat Painting

Latex paint topcoat, also the last step, is one of the most important. This time we must pay attention to the colour of the latex paint. Like a lot of latex paint is required to mix the colour, so it is recommended that you first mix a part out of the test brush to achieve satisfactory results after the formal colour mixing paint. When painting, also use a roller to paint from top to bottom. In the large surface of the emulsion paint is completed, use the brush for the yin and Yang corner parts carefully to fill so that the entire emulsion paint wall is finished painting.

Latex Paint Topcoat Painting

6) Maintenance

Renovation is a crucial step in maintaining the wall, which we must not ignore because many of the problems that arise later are caused by improper maintenance of latex paint. For example, the surface of latex paint shrinkage lines, minor cracks, and peeling does an excellent job of maintenance. Like latex paint, after brushing, it takes about four hours will dry, but when dry, paint film is not hard, under the influence of wind, is easy to shrink, so it is recommended that we finish the latex paint within ten days as far as possible to close the window, do not have other impacts on the existence of the wall some moves.

Maintenance & paint roller & paint the walls


Wall painting latex paint, we must be based on our treatment of the wall to decide. In this article, two cases are introduced: the first is to repaint the latex paint. That is to say, if we are not satisfied with the original latex paint, we can use the new latex paint instead. The operation of this situation is relatively simple. The other situation is the old wall renovation. Then the walls are problematic at this time. So it is recommended that you remove the emulsion paint and putty layer from the wall and then go back to follow the usual steps of scraping the putty and painting the emulsion paint.

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