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Rolling Coating or Spraying?

When renovating a new house, to cover the rough and uneven concrete walls inside, we will choose to do another layer of the decorative surface layer. Some owners will choose wallpaper or wall cloth, some owners choose to use wall tiles, and some owners directly choose latex paint.

renovating a new house

Generally speaking, the choice of wall cloth or wallpaper, a long time wall is easy due to the impact of moisture and mould, even after a few years of living in the dirty and old. Wall tiles are generally used in the bathroom, kitchen and living or laundry balcony walls; if used in other spaces on the walls, it will look freezing at home, so we usually use the most common wall decoration or latex paint.

latex paint manufacturers

During the construction of latex paint, “rolling” and “spraying” are two processes.

rolling and sparying the paint

About Rolling Coating

“Rolling coating” has the following key points.

A Roller brush is needed for roller painting; the type and quality of the roller brush will directly affect the effect.

How to Choose A Paint Roller Brush?

What Are The Tips for Painting A Wall With A Paint Roller?

roller brush manufacturers
paint roller manufacturers

Rolling needs to control the proportion of water, roll coating saves latex paint, the colour difference of the later repair is slight, roll coating the paint film is thicker, and the texture and scrub resistance after construction is better.
Rolling operation requires a high level of skill from the painter, and scratches can quickly appear if not done correctly.

skilled painter paint the wall

To ensure uniformity of coating and save latex paint, the roller brush force should be uniform at both ends of the roller brush. When roller coating contains more material, the force can be slightly lighter and gradually aggravated.
Roller rotation speed can not be too blocked so as not to paint splash or affect the emulsion paint decorative effect.
The action should be light when closing the edge, and the construction should be done from top to bottom from the beginning to the end.

paint  from top to bottom

Usually, the roller construction paints the ceiling (top surface) first and then paints the wall body, which can reduce the chance of wearing the paint film just after painting. When painting windows, paint the surfaces that are not easy to work on first, then paint the surfaces that are easy to operate. Be sure not to paint on the seals or joint parts. Otherwise, the windows will be stuck.

paint the ceilings
paint the wall
Disadvantages of emulsion paint rolling.

Painters’ construction efficiency is low, and the intensity is high; the wall decoration effect after rolling is general and volatile, not suitable for fast-drying oil Jun. At the same time, the painters’ construction operation skills, if the painters are not skilled action is not agile, the paint film is easy to produce brush marks, hanging, uneven painting and other problems.

When to use roller coating?

If you are worried about wall cracking or breakage in the future, you can choose roller coating because the paint film formed by roller coating is easier to repair.

When painting coloured paint on residential walls, it is recommended to use paint.

Of course, if you want to experience the process of painting latex paint by yourself, you can also try it. It is simple and good to operate.

About Spraying

The main points of “spraying.”

1. Spraying requires using an airless spray gun through the pressure directly out of the spray.

spraying paint
  1. The sprayed latex paint is presented in a mist, can be adhered to the wall, spraying speed, is smooth and delicate feel relatively smooth and flat; the paint film can achieve the final effect and will not leave unsightly uneven brush marks.
  2. The construction technology requirements for painters are low, but the amount of protection work in the construction process is relatively large.
Disadvantages of latex paint spraying

1. Spraying will cost more than rolling paint, generally 10%-20% more latex paint; spraying the paint film is relatively thin if the construction, after the bump, is not easy to repair.

2. Spraying is not uniform, the later repair is generally handled by brushing, but the repair area will have a specific deviation in texture, affecting the overall effect.

When to use spraying?

It is recommended to use spraying for a large volume of work and top surface construction.


It can be seen when decorating a new house if you choose latex paint walls, then it is recommended that you can use spray on the top surface; the walls choose to roll coating so that the combination of the decoration effect is perfect, the top surface and walls will look better!

decorating a new house

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