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What are the Tips for Painting a Wall with a Paint Roller?

The roller brush must be soaked in water before painting the wall, and the floating hair on the surface of the roller needs to be removed. Before painting, please do not soak the roller in a paint bucket. Otherwise, it will cause a waste of paint. The regular order of brushing is from top to bottom and then from bottom to top, presenting the path of W to paint, and the brushing process must be even.

When painting latex paint, we need to use the roller, do not look at such a small object, but it plays a significant role in the decoration process. And for the renovation workers who use the roller to brush the wall correctly need to master a certain amount of skills. Today we will take you to study together. What are the skills of painting walls with a paint roller?

what are the skills of painting walls with a paint roller

What Are The Skills of Painting Walls with A Roller Brush?

1, roller brush before brushing the wall, but also need to soak in water, just like using a mop. Because a long time is not dry, only after soaking in water, to recover as before, you also need to remove the surface of the roller floating hair clean, or it will affect the brushing effect.
2, before painting, do not directly soak the roller brush in the paint bucket, or it will cause a waste of paint and can not be put horizontally. You can use the roller dragging plate material, and the paint will be put in. You can let the roller brush paint and make the roller above the distribution more uniform.

how to use a paint roller

3, the process of brushing, the regular order of brushing is from top to bottom and then from the bottom to the top, showing the path of W to paint. The brushing process must be uniform, not a place to repeat the brush several times, or it will lead to this layer is thicker and the other layer being thinner problem.

how to paint the wall

4, after the end of the paint, you also need to clean up, soak the roller, do an excellent job of cleaning, and finally, put it in the shade to dry, do not put it in the sun.

How to Clean Paint Rollers?

7 Tips to Clean Paint Brushes and Rollers 

How to Brush Latex Paint Evenly, What Are The Skills?

1, when painting latex, paint must be smooth wall treatment. You can also play with a layer of plaster. Later brushed latex paint will also bring better results.

2, choosing latex paint material is essential to buy slightly better quality paint. Its flexibility and brushing effectively will be better, but it also ensures that it will not cause the impact of excessive formaldehyde in the house.

how to choose latex paint

3, Roll up and down with roller brush emulsion paint, do not roll left and right. You can brush a wide range and then fill, do not use east or west, or the colour will not be uniform.

paint the wall

The above content is precisely about what skills roller brush to paint walls, whether in the prep or the middle of the painting, including the end of the late work, we must pay attention to improve the effect. Hope this article can help you.

Happy Painting!

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