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Tips for Painting Walls

Painting is an essential part of the renovation process because the quality of wall paint directly affects the quality of the entire home renovation. Here are some tips to make your paint job a great success, whether you are a beginner at painting one or all your walls.

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What tools do you need to prepare to paint the wall?

9-inch paint roller brush: used for painting large areas of the wall
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4-inch paint roller brush: for brushing the edge
4-inch paint roller brush manufacturers
4-inch wool brush: used to brush the edges and corners
4-inch wool brush manufacturers
Plastic bucket: to hold latex paint to prevent waste and dripping
plastic bucket home renovation
Newspaper: Protective film, that prevents latex paint from dripping on the floor and furniture
plastic bucket home renovation
Masking tape: to protect switches, skirting and other raised objects on the wall
masking tape home renovation
Scraper: to remove waste wall skin
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Wall patching paste: used to repair nail holes and cracks in the wall
Wall patching paste

What are the steps to paint the wall?

Use masking tape to paste the skirting, switches and sockets, etc.
Use newspaper: protective film to cover the floor: furniture
Fill the nail holes and cracks in the wall with wall patching paste
After sanding: start painting: one coat of primer and two coats of topcoat
Brush the edges and corners with a small paint roller brush and wool brush to make the whole perfect
After painting, peel off the paper: remove the newspaper and protective film.
The most time-consuming part of painting a wall is moving the furniture out of the room or moving it. An actual wall painting is quick but requires a process, wall repair, wall sanding, furniture protection, etc.

How to Paint The Walls Perfectly?

Creative Painting of Walls – A tip to Paint Walls with Roller Brushes Instead of Wallpapers

How to choose a quality paint roller brush?

As an essential tool for painting, paint roller brushes vary in price. A quality paint roller brush can effectively improve the efficiency of painting and produce much better results.

The selection of paint roller brush mainly depends on two places: the paint roller handle and roller core

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1. Paint Roller handle

The handle should be comfortable to hold in your hand, and there should be a threaded hole at the brush’s end to extend it.

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The cage should be easy to rotate. Well-made rollers use bearings to reduce resistance.

Try to press the bar on the wall. The smaller the bend, the more complex the bar, and the better the quality of the roller frame.

Tips: In most cases, use the standard 9-inch wide roller on the line.

  1. Paint Roller core

If you rub your hand on the roller core, the fine hair of a good-quality roller core will not fall off too much, and there will be no noticeable seam on the surface of the pile.

A good roller core will be at an angle at both ends, and the slope will prevent the edge of the roller from leaving excess paint lines.

How to choose the right paint roller brush for the job?

  1. Roller lint

The longer the pile on the roller surface, the more pronounced the texture left on the wall. How to choose a paint roller is to choose the pile surface according to the surface of the paint effect.

If it is a rough wall, plaster and grouted concrete, it is recommended to choose a longer one, and you can choose 13mm or longer.

If it is a smooth wall and paint, it is recommended to choose a shorter one; 4 mm ~ 9 mm can be

       2. Roller core

For latex paint, you can choose wool paint roller or nylon roller.

If it is alkyd paint, it is recommended to choose the paint roller with a combination of wool material and a hot melt rubber tube.

If you want to clean up a bit easier, choose a cheaper roller core and throw it away after each use.

Choosing a suitable tool can improve work efficiency, and the final result may also make a difference. But the specific situation must be combined with the actual needs to choose.


The above are the tools to prepare for painting the wall and the steps to paint the wall, as well as quick tips on choosing the right paint roller brush for the job, HAPPY PAINTING.

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